[Solved] Forum for ASP.net lisence issue


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Yet another Forum is licensed under GPL, so you can use it for commercial purpose also.

Do you know of Comm100 Forum ? You can get the Open Source version of it easily.
It suits your needs and requirements also. So, hope this helps you. :)


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I have a working site in ASP.net 3.5 to which i want to add a discussion forum

found YAF (Yet another forum) and it is working fine but can i use it for commercial purpose for free ?????

if not whats other alternatives ?
as long as you have copyright link to YAF i don't think it will have problem using it for commercial websites. check here.. Copyright Removal and Commercial Licenses | YetAnotherForum.NET

If you want to remove copy right YAF then you may need to purchase license.
i wanted an integrated forum that run in the application domain

YAF is current fullfilling all the needs.
i might add something later on according to needs of the company

thanks for the info.

i suppose the thread could be marked as SOLVED
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