1. max_snyper

    Can we shift from application support to development role...?

    Hey guyz, Im a B.E in CSC branch, with my engg i did course in the mean time...and landed on a application support role. I'm intermediate in programming skills(i'm working on it), But i would like to be a programmer in the near future.Can i shift from a support role to a...
  2. RBX Roles based Authorization

    I would like to user Roles based authorization in and jump directly to it without the hassle of setting up 'Membership' and all that precedes. Most books I have looked up don't show flexibility in Roles API - use database setup using aspnet_regsql and go through all the Membership...
  3. B

    language for Web development

    hello frnds.. Which one is best language for web development in ASP.NET or PHP.?
  4. J

    how to send mail

    hi friends,please tell me how to send email using
  5. Inceptionist

    Need Video Lectures (Java, ASP.NET with C#)

    I am doing TYBScIT in Mumbai university. I need video lectures for ASP.NET with C# and Java(Advanced Java). Like the lectures provided on Digit DVD. I found one site but it is streaming site and my connection is slow. also that site focuses more on web applications and less on...
  6. S

    Courses after ASP.Net

    Hi guys, Currently i m pursuing course. I had knowledge of C#.Net and C. Please suggest some course, I should do after completing I like to develop database related windows and web application. Thanks.
  7. arpanmukherjee1

    [Solved] Forum for lisence issue

    I have a working site in 3.5 to which i want to add a discussion forum found YAF (Yet another forum) and it is working fine but can i use it for commercial purpose for free ????? if not whats other alternatives ?
  8. I

    Learning /

    Hello, I want to learn VB.Net and ASP.Net, mainly data-base driven applications. Can anybody please suggest me with which version should I start? Whether 2005 or 2008 of Dot.Net? Please tell me what different editions are available to use. Also, please suggest me some good (e)books /...
  9. B

    Default text text in Textbox in

    I am using (c#) I want to to display some default text(in blur) in a textbox when the page loads like " write here" and when the user clicks on the textbox to write ,it should be erased automatically. How to do it?
  10. J


    I am looking right click menu (Context Menu) with icons on HTML page. That I want to populate from a external xml file. And I am using the technology is ASP.Net (C#). Can anyone give some examples....
  11. deepakgates

    User profiling in .. if its called so!

    hey! geeks This is my first post cause usually i get what i want simply by searching web. but this time I don’t know what im searching for. So what could be a better place than thinkdigit forum. So. i just want to know how to create a new user profile page using Like all those...
  12. M database.cs help

    I am trying to develop a class in where I want to put some common functions but I don't know how to add value in sql query using ....Parameter.AddWithValue("@r", txt.Text) please suggest me some example or some tutorial please help....
  13. M 3 tier architecture help

    Hi, I have learned recently and I wonder how to create 3 tier architecture in I have asked few persons they told me that I need to add a project inside another project to develop different layers...please help me to understand and develop the project in 3 tier architecture.
  14. M


    I am looking a way to set a configuration setting in and I wonder if there is any way to set a config file in php as well....please suggest me a method to set config in php like we do in
  15. Techn0crat

    Need IDE for VB.NET and ASP.NET

    One of my friends is now learning VB.NET and ASP.NET but he don't have IDE for that.Can anybody please tell me names of them or links from where they can be downloaded?
  16. Sathish

    which is better for mid-level project ASP.NET or PHP

    which is robust and reliable for developing mid-range projects.. like handling 10lakhs data + 35 simultaneous user operation. or php...
  17. demigod

    Any Flex Developer here ?

    Currently i am learning Asp.Net actually it almost over. i am intrested in Adobe Flex i would like to know which book will be better for a newbie :-) can some one suggest me a book ?
  18. B

    Registration fee for hosting .net site..?

    Hi, I am planning to host a website designed in ASP.Net 2.0. How much will be the registration charge that I need to pay to microsoft.?
  19. Zangetsu

    ASP.NET Tips & Tricks

    Hello programmers...:cool: I m working on ASP.NET with VB in Visual Studio 2005.... really needs some extra tips or tricks on same for making some tasks easier...:D if u know some then post some...;-)
  20. P

    hii!! all plz give me the name of book fro and php.:mad:
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