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Software to overcome H T&L

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Hi all,

Is there any software means to overcome the Hardare T&L requirement....Which are must for these days games......????? :roll:


da' Ťurntable ruleth
sorry to say but no its a specific graphics hardware related feature which cant be emulated by using a software all you can do is upgrade your hardware
i.e your graphics card


If there would have been such a software, no 1 would have purchased a high end graphics card.
u have 2 upgrade 2 a new graphics card.


Wise Old Owl
but if somebody runs the game pop:sot on onboad 845 , then though the game might run useless there might be a way to just run the game


t3h g04t
even though the radeon 7000 does not support hw t&l the catalyst drivers provide for emulation on this card... I used to own one.


Wise Old Owl
ht&l is totally hardware dependent .. no software can emulate it ....3danalyser only forces the game to skip those tests ... games would run but the visuals wouldn't be worth seeing .....the only solution is to get a new card .. atleast a GF4Ti series card ....


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As Icecoolz has already pointed out, 3DAnalyse is the the software that can help you fool the game into thinking that your rig has the HT&L capabilities. Ofcourse the game wont look and run the same, and in some cases, might not rrun at all, yet that's the best one has in such a case.


t3h g04t
actually...if you have a good cpu then the game should run well...eg.. The Radeon 7000 outperformed the gf2mx series even though they didn't have hw t&L


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try 3d analyser . though i dont know whther the graphics will be distorted or not- i tried lor: return of the king and it ran really smooth..it was a demo ofcourse as i am not able to find it in any p2p client.and when i find it -it just wont start.!!!
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