1. G

    Software for switching Keyboard keys?

    My two keys "Space" & "n" suddenly stopped working. Is there any software on XP to assign these two to other unused keys like "[" etc temporarily before buyin a new KB?? P.S- Dont tell me about onscreen keyboard, it irritates a lot + doesn't work with adobe reader.
  2. A

    need advice buyin card

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Corsair CMPSU-650TX 2. What is your budget? Ans: 20 k 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: 1920x 1080 4. What are your current computer specifications? Ans: i7 2600, gskill 4gbx2 DDR3 , asus...
  3. D

    buyin phone on ebay

    hey all Instead of waitin fr a relative to come frm US with a phone for me, i thought of buyin one on ebay. Except i dont koe how reliable it is to but electronics online. Plus what is the deal for unlockin the phones here, and does the warrenty for the new sets apply here too? I am...
  4. N

    Xbox 360's RROD query.

    People, I'm thinkin' of buyin' an X360. But, I heard RROD's a major let-down. Is this happenin' with new models? I mean, the "manufactured recently" X360s. BTW, is it even worth buyin' an X360 and playin' with a 24" CRT TV or my 19" Widescreen monitor? What are ye'r suggestions? I'm buyin' X360...
  5. ssk_the_gr8

    suggest a mobile

    my friends buyin a new mobile. his current choice is samsung s3500. should he go for it ? if there is a better phone in this range/budget then please suggest.
  6. mithun199

    Need counselling plz

    hi guys.. i badly need a smartphone(10k budget) n it's very urgent.. i thought of buyin 5320, unfortunately it's discontinued.. ppl suggested me 5630 but i cannot wait till it's is there any other smartphone under my budget(i can stretch my budget to 12k)...? and hey, is it worth...
  7. R

    is the samsung touchwiz(f480) worth buyin?????

    is the samsung touchwiz(f480) worth buyin????? wht r its competitors???? r they better???? y???
  8. redhat

    Is Fly Hummer worth the buy??

    Friends, im lookin to buy a new cell phone I was thinkin on how bout buyin a Fly Hummer?? Any suggestions??
  9. m-jeri

    plz help me buy a console...

    hi everyone... i am thinkin of buyin a ps2 or xbox....(not ps3 or X360).... ps2 is wat i prefer....can u tell me the price of a new one nowadays.. and tell me the type or model no which shld i buy.... or is ther somethin i need to lookout....when buyin one... i wanted a modded one....
  10. ankushkool

    athlon vs turion

    i m buyin a laptop but i cannot decide sud i go for AMD Athlon X2 or AMD turion X2. what is de difference??? please help which is better
  11. G

    Widescreen help + 1 small query...

    Budds... Hey... M plannin to invest in a good Widescreen display... I've zeroed in on 2 models frm viewsonic n AOC: Viewsonic- vg1930wm AOC- 193fw.. M into playin games n cad stuff may come... any more suggestions besides these 2??? I want a DVI-i/p, good response time.... n...
  12. M

    will it cause problem ?

    hi ppl i have 256 mb ddr ram i am buyin 512 mb ram both 400 mhz will it cause any problem? thanks
  13. S

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card den why guys die out buyin a graphics which keeps on increasin model nos 1000+ every month makin the rest feel .. should ve waited for ati/nvidia 9000 wats the big deal.... common lemme hear out gettin pirated stuffs or...
  14. A

    Help in Buyin a DIGICAM....

    heys guys i need ur help n suggestions in buyin a new digital camera... i hav gone thru a few forums n read abt a few thngs.. well i wana knw al details too like wat is the flash rate n so on ... budget is til 15k bt tat includes buyin the 1GB stick too .. thxx in advance!!
  15. B

    AOE-3-war chiefs

    guys how is warchiefs Expansion...worth buyin?
  16. B

    what do think about Nokia 3250. is it good?

    i am plannin of buyin a Nokia 3250.any comments on this phone?
  17. H

    I am buyin this, is it okie?

    hey all, m buyin a PC :D (i know u all have one, but i didnt) this is my config.. Intel P4 2.8 512 MB Ram 80 Gb HDD iBall Cabinet, Keyboard, Mouse 17" Color Monitor PCI Express Mother Board and display card Combo Drive Floppy Drive Modem gettin it at just a touch above...
  18. A

    Modem for 24 hrs Net connection

    Well guys i took the MTNL's "Telephone line for Internet " Offer.currently hav 33.6kbps modem.Thinkin of buyin 56kbps.What do you guys suggest Internal or External.I am connected to net almost 20hrs a day.
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