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Social media competes with sex...and wins


Sith Lord
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"People have tablets and smartphones and they are taking them into the bedroom, using Twitter and Facebook, answering emails."
Mercer also suggests that the rise of online pornography could play a role in the decline. I, for one, have no idea what she's talking about there.
All I know is something needs to be done about this trend before we forget how to sustain our species. So remember this holiday season, that in bed it's often more fun to grab hold of the headboard...than Flipboard.
Social media competes with sex...and wins, survey says | Crave - CNET


King of my own Castle
Such a sad news and waste of Gadgets and body. Gadgets could infact be used to promote sexual activity rather than curtail it. But then who are we to speak. Its a natural instinct and if people wish the other way we can only observe.

We saw this already happening in Japan. Work and job pressure has taken a huge toll on their sex life there. Slowly its spreading throughout the world at alarming rate.


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The top comment nailed it:

NazTech said:
Like most things, individual trends only show part of the pie, so to speak. A lot of the teens and 20's I work with prefer to communicate by text, rather than voice. They list a number of reasons: easier to understand, look at it later, a record of the conversation, it's faster. But I find on the flip side of their reasons a darker world: easier to understand but easier to offend or not get the meaning across. Looking at it later conveys a sense of "you're not important enough to take up my time". It's faster only if you really have nothing to say while complex communication takes far longer. It boiled down that they really wanted people in their life, but only on their own terms.

If the Brit study holds true, then it's an increase in the idea that my time is more important than your time, even when we're together in the most intimate of places. The less direct interaction means more control over someone else. And technology is really about our personal control of something, or someone, else.


Geek in making
Connecting to world has left the families behind. Gadgets are making you Slave is what my grandfather says.
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