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  1. anky

    Assasins Creed Chronicles Episode 2 - India

    Assassins creed chronicles episode 2 is here Watch the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmk89G3mXiE Looks very promising!
  2. adityak469

    Sell Off My RPi B+ ?

    So RPi 2 has been announced and will be in the Indian market soon. I was thinking to sell off my RPi B+ (3 months old) and get RPi 2 as it sounds promising with Win 10 and most probably FireOS will be released for it only and not for B+. What do you people say?
  3. P

    Smarthwatch For **Cheating**in exam+Everyday use!

    Hi everybody,I was browsing throgh the internet while I saw the LG G WATCH Google play lists it for 14k and lg website says its price is 240 something usd, While Snapdeal,Flipkart are trolling it for 7k! Now here's the question,If I leave a moto g or canvas nitro and buy a decent 5-8k...
  4. H

    Dead Island Riptide leaked gameplay video

    The Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LAFXzsFwmz8 Doesn't look too promising TBH.
  5. Reaper_vivek

    Tomb Raider : new trailer

    J6TcAgJ9BBI The story looks promising..
  6. rchi84

    Radeon 6870X2 reviewed

    The first review is up :D Overclock 3D review of Powercolour 6870X2 Promising start. Let's hope they get the pricing right..
  7. R

    Bsnl ftth?

    hii guys, I want to know more about FTTH service which will soon be launched in my city. Is there anyone already using it? And what are the speeds, looks a promising technology for broadband, isn't it?
  8. amitabhishek

    How is The Stoneman Muderers?

    3 stars by TOI, KK Menon, mystery about a serial killer! Hmmmm... Looks like a promising movie. Anyone willing to review it here?
  9. Ranjya

    No Bill for Hardware

    Hello all, I bought following from theitwares.com E2180 Abit IP35-E Transcend 1x2GB CM 500W XFX 8500GT He (Rahul Varma) did not send me the bill. I keep on reminding him but he keeps on promising to send but does not. What can I do about it?
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