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SKOAR! GOTY 2014 voting


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I want to vote it for GTA V, because of the non-availability of the PC version I voted for Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Voted for GTA 5 on the basis of reviews and videos online...

Of these games, I've only played far Cry 4, which in my opinion could come 2nd in the list for "Most Rubbish Game".
First position obviously to "Assassin's Creed Unity".

The fact that FarCry 4 is in nominations, despite presence of other beautiful games, makes me wonder what made SKOAR team do that. No offence though.

Ubisoft seems to have started a war against PC users.
Sometimes, they make statements like "95% PC gamers are pirates". Othertimes, a programmer leaves a line in the coding, like "//Who cares? This a pc port", or something.
They make flashy videos and the game doesn't deliver, they issue stop review order to press, they make unplayable games, they claim tall in terms of internet speed needed to use a game, not mentioning that a huge amount of data is wasted in just getting the game running.


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Voting is now closed!

Thank you for your responses. Results will be published shortly, along with the winners of course. ;)
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