Simultaneous output on two ports ??


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I wish to connect my HD 7850 to LCD monitor for gaming and Projector for movies
This is now connected through the AVR which has only one HDMI output.
So I have to switch the output cable on the AVR everytime between games/ movies.

I wish to have a permanent connection.
One option is to get a HDMI splitter, which I am quite vary about- because of possible quality/ bandwidth issues and need to keep it on all the time, assuming it is powered.

Now, the display card has three ports, HDMI x1 and Mini DP x 2
I wish to know if the card can output on two ports simultaneously?

If yes, I could connect
a) GPU -> HDMI -> AVR -> HDMI -> Projector and
b) GPU -> DP to HDMI convertor -> HDMI -> Monitor

While gaming, when projector is off, only audio will be managed by AVR, while the monitor is directly coupled with the DP port.
Will this work? Will there be any issues in playing 3D in such a setup?

I can see DP to HDMI converters are inexpensive.
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Thanks, that's already mentioned in my post.

My query was if both will work?
Ofcouse, I wont use both displays simultaneously but I should get signal from both ports of GPU

Well, connect the Monitor using DVI cable and the AVR using HDMI cable.

Sorry I just realized you have advised "DVI" cable instead of DP.
Yes, it seems to be a simpler and cheaper option.
Are you sure both will work simultaneously. ie HDMI and DVI output on the card?
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