1. RCuber

    Should Game developers follow Battlelog?

    Many gamers hated which DICE made gamers launch a game via a webbrowser, calling it a very stupid move. but to be frank battlelog is very good concept (it's still buggy and not without issues). searching for servers is a breeze and real deal is the amount of details it give. post match reports...
  2. H

    GTA 4 stats are not updating to socialclub site

    I don't understand the reason why my current stats are not updating to my socialclub account.I mailed many times but Rockstar support was failed to reply me. I always play GTA 4 while connected to internet.Linked game for windows-live and sign in inside game too.And i also re-linked the...
  3. paroh

    Mtnl broadband download stats (warning for limited download user)

    Mtnl broadband download stats . MB Used 2082592.87 MB equal to around 2TB:shock: The stats of mtnl broadband is not correct so there is warning to every user of broadband user with limited download to check there stats
  4. T

    at which univs should I apply?

    My profile, -my gre score 1460 (Q:800 V:660) -TOEFL (113) -aggregate in BE first 6 sems (64%) from Mumbai Univ college. -written few articles for magazine like "Linux for you" want to do MS in Computer Science So given these stats could someone knowledgeable please tell me at which universities...
  5. M

    How to know Orkut Online Status?

    Hey friends, Lemme know is there any sort of browser add-on or something like that, that tells the current ONLINE stats of people in friend list in Orkut? Pls help cheers!! ;)
  6. M

    Best Free Webhosting Service

    Hey Friends, I found a Webhost that offers free web hosting service. I wanna share with you all: You can get all these services for free simply by posting at their forums: * The forum is quite large with active user base. I acquired 22 points and will be hosting my...
  7. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Bad news me and growing bloggers

    Today i got this Email from my webhost. I am soo confused what to do. Am trying to contact my web-host now. I get daily visitor of 3000+ on Wordpress Stats and 1100 Unique Visitors a day. And now i got this email. This is tiny website according to stats
  8. coolpcguy

    Ubuntu Live Stats

    After few months of server downtime, Ubuntu Live Stats is operational again! The main idea behind this project is to reflect the enormous activity Ubuntu has on all fronts. Simply put, Ubuntu Live Stats gathers data from every source they think is interesting - ie, from forum, both English as...
  9. blademast3r

    Which earphones should I go for?

    Hey people... I wanna buy earphones for my Transcend T.sonic 840 using a 3.5 mm jack... My budget is around 300... Bascially it should keep out the traffic noise nd keep the music in... loudness should be good.... What stats shud i look for....
  10. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Stats !!

    From Site Browser Stats !! OS Stats !! Share yours !! If you want to !! how come Firefox is above IE ??? damn it .. its bad .. if all people use Firefox .. revenues go down because of adblock OS stats .. check out ... vista beats all...
  11. gary4gar

    Digit IRC chatroom stats

    hi, many chat users requested me that i should report IRC activity in forum. AS a experiment i am posting chat logs of digit IRC,currently they are slightly old but if you people are interested then i will update the site more often;) View chatroom stats Reference Threads...
  12. naveen_reloaded

    cod4 stat reset probelm

    hi all .. off lately after 1.3 patch version of cod4 ... whenever i switch between servers .. my stats gets reseted.. please help..
  13. Dark Star

    Please Rate my blog!

    :p Ahh. tad late but still.. plz do rate my blog .. Just added new theme with Custom Image :p.. Haven't got time to to update .. and do not forget to check the stats :D * Regards And I am pretty new to wordpress so comments and suggestions are welcome.. How to...
  14. iMav

    Indian Armed Forces v/s The US Armed Forces

    I found this link thru google while doing some reasearch .... look at the image below ... really interesting stats ...
  15. william

    Where are the colours??

    I am using a CRt monitor manufactured by MICROTEK. two three days ago i was just playing with the setting of the screen after doing that i started adjusting the contrast and brightness. Noe the problem is that everything colors are quite dark now , i tried to increase the brightness but it is...
  16. Crazy Kidd

    Visit before buying mobile

    If you are thinking of buying a new mobile then please visit the following link. This sit offers most detailed reviews I have ever seen. It gives pics, stats, even samples of picture & video quality of the mobile. Mobile review- *
  17. S


    Everyone here must have played some or the other edition GTA. So my question is simple. How many people/gang members have you wasted?? If you don't know how to get the number, pause the game while playing by pressing Esc, then goto "Stats" then select "Crimes" and see it there. Well heres my...
  18. - Snake -

    Best and Free PHP/MYSQL subdomain Web Hosting

    Hi guys! Do ya want a website that supports PHP / MYSQL with a subdomain of your choice..... Then check out Easyhost4all It is a new webhosting site(though they arew not new to webhosting industry), So, you people should not have any problem in getting a subdomain of your choice and yes...
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