Sensational twist to snoop scandal



In a new twist to the snoop scandal, a US investigative website has quoted revelations made in the Snowden file to show India is one of the 33 countries that has 3rd party agreement, allowing NSA to access its telecom and internet network. The UPA is under question following a recently released court order of the US foreign Intelligence Surveillance court dated July 16, 2010 which stated the BJP and five other political organisations across the world could be put under NSA surveillance. While the Congress has demanded immediate probe in the issue, the focus has shifted to UPA on whether they help US to snoop on India.
All parties are same. Vajpayee surrendered Indian nuclear programme to USA. A prime minister of 1.3 billion people bent.

Modi is anti-US in public but in background things are different. Follow Subramanian Swamy, he is fighting lonely battle against Gandhis while Namo is sitting with UPA-3 cabinet.


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^^Can you cut the crap about Subra Swamy. Paranoia seeps in his speeches.
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