1. S

    Surveillance Camera that can work with a laptop

    Is there any way to setup a 2X night vision camera setup by using a laptop as a DVR ? I want those cameras to run directly by using the laptop's USB power, so that there will be no need for a UPS/invertor. If I use a WiFi Camera like this, is it going to work ? Buy Sricam SP007 Wireless...
  2. rhitwick

    I think you should watch this episode of "Last week tonight"

    Hi guys, they make some really informative episodes...this one I think applies to countries other than US too. Please check out. Its on government surveillance. They managed to get an interview with Snowden too. *
  3. paroh

    Sensational twist to snoop scandal

  4. paroh

    Senators demand that NSA fix inaccuracies in PRISM fact sheet (Update)

    * Update: The NSA has removed two fact sheets related to the PRISM program after receiving the complaint from senators Udall and Wyden, reports Politico. The fact sheets were intended...
  5. dashing.sujay

    Central Monitoring System (CMS) ; thoughts

    Preview: PRISM, and now this. I'm happy for the fact that at least it's not happening under the hood as PRISM. Still, do we need to worry ? Why ? > No rules, regulations or whatever have been defined or stated, to clear the boundaries of the intriguing CMS. > Officials beholding the power...
  6. Ironman

    cctv / Surveillance camera

    i want a Cheap Vandal proof , water proof Surveillance camera for outdoor use target area around 40 to 45 feet away from camera Find me one please do you need any other informations? :-o some one is vandalizing my plants and stealing my cycle parts :evil:
  7. E

    Video Surveillance System

    Hi, has any one used Alarmforce Videorelay video surveillance system? Any reviews?
  8. iMav

    Surveillance camera and Compaq

    techies i have a compaq notebook M 2000 and a surveillance camera with 2 normal outputs (audio and video) i wnated how can i link the two to obtain visuals from the camera on my laptop....... thanx
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