1. Nanducob

    Samsung Galaxy S4 gets a big price cut

    NEW DELHI: Samsung's 2013 flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, has got another price cut ahead of the expected unveiling of the Galaxy S6 in March. The phone is available online on at Rs 17,999 in both white frost and deep black colour variants. It was previously available at Rs 21,900...
  2. ankush28

    Samsung's Plan for 4.4 Updates.

    this is leaked image of document of samsungs plan for future 4.4 update... Good for Note 3 and S4 users :) No news about any other phones. Again with this update get ready to BLOAT... as they are adding few more unwanted crapwares. :))
  3. rider

    Samsung Galaxy Camera

    Samsung announces EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera with Android Jelly Bean, massive 4.8-inch display, 21x zoom, WiFi and 4G connectivity During a visit to Samsung's headquarters in Korea earlier this year, we had a chance to talk shop with company execs. The electronics maker's existing mirrorless and...
  4. P

    samsung laptop

    is samsung rc530-s03in is best laptop to buy for gaming & animation purpose & is samsung's service is good ?
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    Seagate now officially owns Samsung's hard drive business

    Seagate now officially owns Samsung's hard drive business | The Verge
  6. vivekbabbudelhi

    DELL SE198WFP 19" LCD monitor

    Bought a Dell SE198WFP 19”LCD monitor for my cousin. First impressions…’s a very good looking piece of beauty .On performance basis too it delivers. Its lotta better than viewsonic value series or LG stuff or analog Samsungs (non BW’s) …..and its hard to believe that SE198WFP is a...
  7. C

    Which 19" WLCD - Samsung, LG or Viewsonic

    Am buying a new rig and have to decide on a widescreen 19" LCD for the monitor. The dealer is giving me 3 options - Samsung, LG and Viewsonic. Samsung and LG are around the same price and Viewsonic is somewhat cheaper. Firstly, is Viewsonic's performance inferior in any way to Samsung's or...
  8. iMav

    Samsung Unveils World's First "True" Double-Sided LCD

    Samsung's new LCD can display independent images on either front or back Only a reverse of the original image data can be displayed on the opposing side with conventional double-sided LCDs. With Samsung's double-gate, TFT design, the LCD features two gates which operate each pixel instead of...
  9. utkarsh_kusd

    DVD BURNEr!!!!!!!!!

    which dvd writer is better & quiter:: samsung write master series or Sony dru820a ????????? What is samsung's octoedge technology??????????
  10. mihirvashist

    Lcd With Built In Xp -------------------------------------------------------------- If you though that Apple's 20-inch iMac was an impressive all-in-one computer, just wait till you hear about Samsung's new 40-inch 400PXn and 46-inch 460PXn LCD displays, both of which feature embedded versions of...
  11. B

    Urgent!! My phone locked!!

    Please tell me how to reset the phone password. My phone is Samsung's N500. I have forgot the password. Urgent !!!
  12. A

    Samsungs depreciatig quality

    Actually bad title as their quality was always bad But what do u think?
  13. S

    Help needed with nforce mobo and R-Connect

    I have a krypton c18g-400 motherboard with the nforce2 chipset with onboard Geforce 4mx. The problem is that my LG RD2030 Reliance handset drops the connection after 1 or 2 minutes. Samsung handsets from Reliance work fine. After investigating, i have found that the LG handsets from Reliance...
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