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  1. A

    help regarding galaxy s3

    greetings !!! Guys i got a new SGH-I747M galaxy s3 from canada [kodoo] with dual core + 2GB ram. Stock 4.3 :-D I got it unlocked at a local shop for Rs. 400 :-? But i got network issues. My phone doest get connected to the network. At the notification bar i got emergency calls only...
  2. Chetan1991

    Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 4.1.2 update has broken SIM functions

    My father's Galaxy Tab 2 7" automatically tried updating but failed because of slow net connection, and the SIM functions stopped working. After many attempts I updated it through OTA to latest firmware, PDA:NA3 / PHONE:LK1 / CSC:NB1 (INU) in Kies, and the Android version is listed as 4.1.2...
  3. G

    How to flash Samsung Champ 3.5g java phone via Samsung Kies

    Dear members, i have a stupid Samsung java phone which cannot download java application after a number of master resets. While looking for help on internet i came across many people who had this problem with this phone. Some of them got their phone repaired via Samsung service center. I also got...
  4. maverick786us

    Upgrading Galaxy S2

    Yesterday I tried upgrading my Wife's Galaxy S2, who is still using old Gingerbread. Twince it happened, that it download 218 MB, restarted and then dispalyed error message "Failed to upgrade firemware, either use Samsung Kies or contact service center". Can someone help me in resolving this...
  5. M

    Samsung galaxy y duos usb connectivity problem

    I have samsung galaxy y duos (GT-S6102) Purchased a month back. I have downloaded software samsung kies for PC synchronisation on my laptop. it got installed finely and was working nicely for a week. but thereafter now when i try to connect it via USB, it gives me message that "your...
  6. maverick786us

    Problm while upgrading ICS

    My Samsung Kies cannot upgrade my wife's galaxy S2 to ICS as it shows "Your current device does not support upgrading via kies". This is crap. My mom's galaxy S2 was purchased from UK and I successfully upgraded her's to ICS but this indian edition has wiered firmware
  7. v2kisad

    Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2,it seems my phone is not allowed to update via Kies.Its shows a message "Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies" when I connect my phone. Has anyone else faced a similar situation Thanks
  8. TeckKy

    How to install Samsung Kies offline?

    Is there any way to install kies offline or silent install. As I just need for Contact & message backup and modify. It provides best solution to backup minuest data. OR else Please provide me a good application. (I have used Wondershare Mobile Go so please exclude it)
  9. xtremevicky

    Samsung Kies Problem

    This is a new and a sad problem. Situation :- I have a samsung phone S-3370 . I download the latest Samsung Kies and the option of ETHERNET is not there . ( Place where we use to connect to internet using mobile ) . Now when i try and create a dial up connection I cant find the Vodafone...
  10. A

    Samsung Galaxy 3: Problem with updating to Froyo using Kies

    Friends, I am trying to update the firmware of samsung galaxy 3 from eclair to froyo. But not able to do so using Kies. Installed the latest version of Kies (Kies 2.0) But the option 'firmware upgrade' is disabled. Please help guys, the phone is in dire status, it has become very...
  11. S

    Upgrade Froyo on Samsung Galaxy Ace via Kies

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace a few days ago. Installed Kies on my PC on Connecting device it gave message that a new firmware is available for the phone. Is it advisable to upgrade this way. Will the upgrade delete all data on the phone . Please advise.
  12. utkarsh007

    Unable to get froyo update

    Hey guys m unable to get froyo update coz i am unable to connect g3 via kies. It jus shows connecting but does'nt connect. I have installed all the drivers and m in idle mode. On the phone it shows connected and on pc my sd card is also connected but kies still stays connecting. PLZ HELP FAST...
  13. Charley

    Samsung Kies to connect to the Internet

    Has anyone tried connecting Samsung Kies to connect to the Internet using the Tethering option via data cable ?
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