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Samsung Ace Plus or HTC One V???


I am also facing the same dilema. You have made your decision. Pl post your experience with the phone.

What are the cons of having non-removable battery.

Finally just got an Xperia Ray. Got a v good deal, else the screen size was putting me off.

Aren't the cons of non-removable battery obvious? Smartphone batts wear out fast, and you will be stranded. Even if its company replaceable (no idea if this one is), you will be inconvenienced and will incur additional expenses for no good reason. You will not be able to buy battery made by any other source. You won't be able to carry a spare battery if/when needed. You will have to take the risk of leaving your ph with shabby service center personnel for such a trivial job. Even a new battery can fail anytime.
Radhesh Bhoot

Radhesh Bhoot

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Congrats for your purchase.
For how much did you bought it?

I have Purchased it from Alfa(Mumbai) for 17500/- plus 500/- cover and scratch guard so it comes to 18000/- ...... its good package deal as it also covers Free 8GB card and competitive pricing......
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