S60 3d Edition Feature Pack 1

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WHat is this? i camee across it at some site. but couldnt understand

CAN we install this on our s60v3 phones ourselves or is their a diff procedure.


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all new s60v3 devices r said to have fp1...
so if ur nokia comes out wit a firmware upgrade of ur fone than chances are that it ll be fp1..


I don't think Nokia will add FP1 to new firmwares of existing phones. They'll rather reserve it for upcoming phones.


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No Feature Packs cannot be installed on previous devices since Feature Pack are not just software packages but even hardware updates.

Nokia N95 shall sport FP1.

All the previous phones will not be upgradable to FP1, not nokia 3250 not N93. But there is a good news, nokia shall release the enhanced web browser of FP1 for the S60v3 phones.

BTW, Symbian OS 9.5 ( S60v3 Feature Pack 2) has already been announced.
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