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Rt. clicking on google ads

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Suppose I have a website displaying text ads from google adsense.

Now if one of these ads points to an important source or website for my business or profession, how do I visit that site without violating Google rules and getting banned from adsense?

If I right-click on that ad, and copy-paste the address in a fresh window, will that click also register?

I know that I can just go to cyber cafe and simply click the ad and visit that site....my question is related to the technical matter of right-clicking.


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Right click will not be consider as click on ad, however if you will paste the adress on new window, that will cause same effect as clicking on ad. If you want click is not counted you have to extract destination address from the address. Destination address of ad is written after adurl parameter. Or better you can use adsense preview tool. Which can also provide you destination adress of ad.
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