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  1. I

    Restart Not Working..

    Hi, My HP Desktop DX2255 is not restarting. I thought this as windows error,but same thing happens when BIOS settings are accessed (Exit Saving or Exit without Saving). Both cases wont proceed to windows but will stay blank(monitor blinking and fans moving properly).(every time i need to...
  2. B

    Using TOR as a client puts you at risk.

    I don't really need anonymity, there's nothing I do that can get me caught. But I read something about TOR exit relays, that if my computer is one such exit relay, I could be implicated for someone else who's doing something illegal, and using my computer as a transit. I looked up the...
  3. clerkman1612

    Anyone knows the keyboard button for need for speed : Shift?

    Guys The game(Need for Speed : Shift for PC) is working fine in my PC.But I cannot find a keyboard control button by which I can exit from Race or even the game.The "ESC" Button only allow to pause the race but not exit from race. I m only restarting my PC directly in order to exit from game as...
  4. M

    HP to exit PC hardware business

    HP is planning to exit PC business and concentrate on software...Comes as a surprise. Check here: BBC News - Hewlett Packard to exit computing and buy Autonomy
  5. iinfi

    help!! can someone please explain me this script

    i m no good in scripting. the source is here http://www.idevelopment.info/data/Unix/Linux/LINUX_ConnectingToAniSCSITargetWithOpen-iSCSIInitiatorUsingLinux.shtml#Configure%20iSCSI%20Initiator%20and%20New%20Volume and the code is here /etc/udev/scripts/iscsidev.sh #!/bin/sh # FILE...
  6. R

    can't connect EC325 on Ubuntu, exit code =16

    Hi I got the net on Ubuntu 7.1, with Reliance Data card, Huawei EC325, during many days. Now, I can not. PPP daemon has died = A modem hang up the phone (exit code = 16). Var/log/messages = warning: secret file /etc/ppp/papsecrets has world and/or group access. Please, can u help me to reconnect ?
  7. virus_killer

    Explain this shell script to me.

    Guys, I am new to shell script, and want to learn more about it. i have got one script to report on status of ADSL connection. i can understand half of it (or less then half). can you guys please help me out in this. Here is the script...
  8. H

    Norton problem

    hello whenever i try to install Norton 360 am getting this message(setup cannot be installed because there was a problem authenticating your microsoft windows installer) setup will exit. plz help me out how to solve this problem thanking u hidayath
  9. Y

    plz help me

    hi friends one of my friend need menu driven program in 'C' the output may be like this file edit new cut open copy edit paste save exit save as quit exit plz help him
  10. gary4gar

    Bug discovered in gwget!

    There is a bug in gwget's exit dialog box.In the exit diolog box captions of both command buttons display as cancel:D . Steps to reproduce the bug First Download Gwget 0.98.1 from official repos of Ubuntu. Run it via Applications>Internet>Gwget download manager Close it via close...
  11. L

    Help On UT 2004

    Though i'm not a gamer i recently bought this zebronic graphic card nvidia geforce fx 5200 with 256 MB ram and lately i've been getting this screen where nothing works everytime i exit UT 2004. Its not a black screen its just a clutter of some colors and no desktop material becomes visible...
  12. O

    Window XP installation problem

    im installing XP using Dos i hav commanded "D:\i386\winnt" then blue screen appears and it says An internal Setup error occurred. Could not find a place for a swap file. Setup cannot continue. press ENTER to exit. Please tell me wat 2 do and how 2 do. Please help me u can also...
  13. L

    urgent help

    My friend has a p3 1ghz config. He is facing some weird problems offlate. Before windows loads up, he is getting the following messages on the dos screen. "checksum error" " Warning!your CPU speed has been changed.Set the speed,save and exit." He continues booting the system hitting F1...
  14. K


    I am a huge fan of UT2004. I recentely bought a system with AMD Athlon 64 3200+, MSI mobo 1GB ram and a leadtech 6600GT graphic card. Every time i play the game and exit it manually my whole system restarts. How do i solve this problem? PLEASE HELP
  15. I

    DOOM exit messages

    doom is the most awesomest amazingest coolest game ever....n now da movies coming in october 21st with the rock as sarge. heres the trailer....dam cool.... http://media.filmforce.ign.com/media/490/490104/vid_1183841.html did u no if u type IDDQD, IDKFA, n all of those in doom 3, it says...
  16. A

    Mine Firefox Problems

    Mine Firefox Problems Ok i will post all my firefox problems here 1 by 1 1) how to get click sound when clicking a link in firefox I am getting click sound in IE 2)How to avoid getting timeout when viewing any web site in firefox 3)how to import new bookmarks of IE in firefox I have...
  17. P

    Problem : Turbo C++ IDE under windowsXP

    I am trying 2 run turbo c++ on widows XP and i get the following error. --- 16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem --- d:\.......................\tc.exe c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt. the system file is not suitable for running on MS-DOS and microsoft windows applications. press close to exit...
  18. abhasbajpai

    help a novice gammer in maxpayne 2 (ch 1 part 4)

    hi all those vetran gammer out there, i am new to gamming and i got hooked up since i upgraded my machine intel 865GBF, 256MB Ram, 2.4 prescot, Nvidia fx 5200 128mb, 20+40 Gb samsung HDD,52-32-52X samsung CD writer. from PIII 800 on intel i810e. now i could run most of the games. now for...
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