1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Android custom firmware clashes

    So I've got a Samsung SM-J701F (Galaxy J7 Nxt), on which I flashed a TWRP recovery made for the 2016 Exynos edition of the Galaxy J7- Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Exynos). The phone went into boot loops after that, until I installed a custom ROM, Nemesis Nougat- [ROM][7.0][AQH3][10/09]NEMESIS NOUGAT...
  2. M

    Make Your Own Email List

    Hello :) At the point when searching for approaches to expand your web movement, make certain not to disregard the strategy that gloats one of the most astounding records of progress. With a normal 3800% rate of profitability, that technique is email advertising. Set apart from the disorder...
  3. Zangetsu

    Best EQ Settings you use

    Hi All, We have many Audiophiles here, so thought of discussing about achieving the perfect sound in Music. Which EQ settings you guys use ? or custom made ? I read many sites but haven't got a perfect one yet.
  4. S

    Requires suggestion on buying 3D TV from out of country

    Hi All, One of my friend is coming from france and i am planning to bring 3D Tv from there. Please let me know what issues i can face while bringing TV from outside of india. Also if tv was old and used one then what will be the probability that custom people will charge custom duty?
  5. I

    Custom Backups of Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

    Hello everyone. I have created numerous folders on Mozilla Firefox and have bookmarked multiple links within each of them; as depicted by the illustrative image below - I desire to create backups of the custom folders and its subsequent corresponding links, such that, I can then restore them...
  6. A

    Looking Prestashop expert developer

    Hello, I do have prestashop site version 5.xx I want somebody who is well aware with prestashop to update to latest one and fix modules as some are custom too. Please leave me your chat id to have quick discussion.
  7. D

    Which is the best cabinet available here in India?

    Hey there! I am looking for a cabinet for my new rig. It should be spacious as I want to go for Custom Liquid Cooling. I have Corsair 900D in my mind. Please suggest me the best cases available in India.
  8. D

    Where can I find Custom Liquid Cooling Parts in India?

    Hey there! I am looking to create a new rig and I definitely want to go for a custom liquid cooled rig. Where can I find Custom Liquid Cooling Parts in India? I am not sure if they are available here. Will the costs increases drastically if I need to import them? I will appreciate your help...
  9. G

    New Custom Laptop - Desktop Exchange

    Hello Friends, I'm in Dubai and would like to know where can I get a custom laptop which could be used for gaming as well. For this reason I'm getting rid of my custom gaming desktop which I have presently but can't find any seller/buyer who would like to have a good exchange. My present...
  10. Cyberghost

    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    This is the finale, this is the unquestionable end. Relentless Hostilities: Adjust combat techniques as the narrative shifts between factions and brings unique variations to a familiar approach along with new weapons, movements, and melee...
  11. C

    Yureka Plus: Removing Custom ROM

    Dear Friends, I have bought Yureka Plus for my wife and it arrived yesterday. Although everything is fine till now but i found this custom ROM is bit heavy for this phone. I have bought yureka in March for myself and till date it is very perfectly fine. It is having CM 11 and yureka Plus is...
  12. D

    Korean Monitor Chaos

    Hi, I ordered a monitor from Korea following this thread. I received a call from DHL that the shipment have arrived in Mumbai and I need to appoint an external clearing house agent with the necessary...
  13. D

    Custom email address

    I want to have a custom email address like Earlier, Google apps used to be free. Is there still any way to host it on Google Apps for free. If not, what’s the best free alternative?
  14. ithehappy

    S5 or M8?

    Okay, buying one coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Now which one would you get? By S5 I obviously don't mean the sh!t Exynos one. This is how I sorted out positives and negatives for both, S5: + Better camera. I am not even going to the comparison with M8. + Better size, and overall grip...
  15. Arjun609

    Best Dock

    Can Anyone suggest a good dock (Less Ram consumption,Quick Startup,Very Customizable)
  16. S

    Need a little help about custom charges and buying from foreign countries.

    Only experienced people are welcome . Actually i am planning to buy shoes from USA , my friends lives there so he will buy it from there and ship it to india (to my place) , i have read on custom policies that things under 5k will not charge custom if its sent as a gift , i have never done this...
  17. G

    Buying Domain, Host, Blog,etc. Help me!!!

    Guys i'm a class 11 student in India. Recently i was searching in the net for reviews of some good books for preparation for various competitive exams, but to my awhile non of them were seriously the ones i expected to get. They were just too ... with dead links , outdated info ...
  18. gdebojyoti

    Chatting with FB & Google friends from custom website using OAuth - possible?

    I just signed up for a account. I connected my Google and Facebook accounts to it, and found that I can chat with my online Facebook and Google friends right from the Outlook chat window. So I was wondering whether I can chat with my Facebook and Google friends from my own custom...
  19. Skyh3ck

    Xolo Q700 - custom rom or Q700i rom - software update ..HELP

    Hi i have bought the Xolo Q700 phone, its a great phone, except that it does not support app to SD function, so i am looking for custom rom or Q700i rom released recently which allows app 2 SD i tried to google but found very little information about it anyone here has done this please help...
  20. H

    Want to buy a Laptop from Uk. Avice please.

    So, I'm thinking of buying a new laptop for college work and some medium-core gaming sometime soon...And well, as you might agree, the choice and customizability available in the Indian market in the mid-high end gaming laptop sector is pathetic. :-( Luckily, my cousin is in the UK at present...
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