Replacing fan on Galaxy GTX 460 SE


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hi friends

I have a Galaxy GTX 460 SE card for a year and a half, it works great under normal circumstances ....

But once i start rendering in After Effects CS6 (new GPU rendering engine), it gets heated up and freezes the computer, i thought of replacing it with MSI GTX 560, but want to use my old card if i can do something about it....

here is my GPU-Z specs

Should i replace the stock fan with accelero twin turbo II or some other good cooler, are these coolers available in Mumbai, and should I try to replace the fan myself or get an expert to do it...

I have basic hardware skills.... but there are a lot of videos on Youtube on how to change your fan ... so it gave me some courage to try it myself...

Pls advice


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the gpu can freeze for 'other reasons' - what's the load temp of your gpu and fan speed ?

if it's overheating clean and re-tim it first.


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The load temp does not go beyond 65 - 70, it freezes as soon as it touches between 65-70, i dont play games .... my sole purpose is 3d Rendering with the GPU.... and i guess it puts tremendous load on the GPU, but my card is falling way short of the expectation as of now....

The recommended cards for my work are the Quadro FX range... but they are way out of budget.... somehow i have to work around the GTX cards, strangely i tried to install some games just to check on the performance ... and the games run absolutely fine, but unfortunately it does not allow me to work on my beloved After Effects or any other GPU rendering software...

BTW i have tried cleaning the card many times, changing the slot and all that...
One more thing is my general temp of the computer is quite high, that could be the reason, but as of now i feel the solution could be changing the stock fan to a good VGA cooler .....


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^^ 64-70 c temp is nothing a for a modern gpu - actually it's pretty cool and as games are running fine there must be some other issue with the application or gfx driver or cpu overheating -

> apply any patch for your after effect version ( if available ) or upgrade to the latest version.
> Update your gfx card driver.
> Make sure your mobo bios is updated.
> Check your cpu temp - rendering apps puts heavy load on CPU.
> Post hwinfo screenshot showing cpu and gpu temps and volt readings.

BTW, just for testing purpose : Play BFBC2, BF3 and Crysis 2 and see whether the GPU freezes or not ? These games can put a lot more realistic load on the gpu than any application softwares such as After Effects.
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