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Reliance launches Nokia & HTC phone with Zero Plan Rental (EMI Offer)



Can that sim card be used in other phones with those benefits?

Yes, but u cannot change the nano sim (in case of mine) have to use any sort adapter to use it.
For HTC & Nokia now a days Micro SIM is used, so you won't have any issues & the sim can be used in any other smartphone.

I myself use the nano sim in Galaxy Note 2, have to placed it carefully before using it.

Usb or wifi tethering possible with this unlimited plan or we can only use it in phone?

Yes USB & Wifi Tethering is possible :)

Simply good for those who have no control over their usage and love smartphones. :)

Yes .... very true


But I really doubt that after being off for so many days Moto will be able to compete in the present market.

Well Moto G is one of the finest Android phones one could have...!!!

Its alwyz abt R&D, who knws Blackberry cn revoke in a way that it cn surplus d present dominating OS's...


Right off the assembly line
hey... bumping this thread..as reliance relaunch this offer. Any member having this zero plan ?

@sc3n3l0v3r : Are you still using this zero unlimited plan ? How much data did u used/download on Zero Plan ?

Please reply as i am planning to take this plan.
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