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Real Media Player problem in 6630

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In the zone
Hey guyz, sometimez my real media player stops working. I have to restart my phone freqently to get it working. I think this has been happening since one of my friends had transfered a 3gp file via bluetooth. Actually that file didn't open and then the rest of my vids stopped working. After deleting that file and restarting my fone twice wud my Real media player work. Wat exactly is my problem????? and will reinstalling RMP help?????


i think the real player is that one comes with the phone. i suggest you to install real player advanced .


Cyborg Agent
I faced the same prb with my n6600. After trying out all d poss. sol., i feel formatting is d safest and best sol. I had installed other players den but later even dey had codecs prb. So I suggest formatting...
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