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When posting in this forum, remember the following:

What should be posted here:
Ask for buying advice on monitors, TVs or any sort of display device... projectors, for example, are also to be spoken about here.

What shouldn't be posted here:
This is not a place to discuss cellphone displays, or tablet displays, etc. That will be in the relevant section...

Remember to search first:
Someone might already have posted about the product model you're interested in, so a search will save you and us a lot of time.

Thread tips:
When creating a thread, also remember to use a short and simple thread title. It's best to use the <brand> <model number> naming convention.
For example, "Apple iPhone 4G" is a lot better than, say, "Help! should i buy the 4g apple iphone???!?"
This will make your thread easier to find and more people will reply to it.

Disclaimer: The views here are of the members, and not of Team Digit (unless the member is part of the Team Digit usergroup)
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