Rapidshare -- Better than Premium

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Rapidshare :

This is far far better than the USD i.e Universal Share Downloader you use. I am not trying to make points here.....download and use the program. In the file i have included the link to the thread in which hundreds of people have tested it.

Guys.....its AWESOME. Its almost like or should i say better than premium, In premium it has 5 GB per day limitation. This software gives the same speed as premium but has no limitations. Here is a screenshot......


Password :Shlomikalfa
I have added links to my downloader only to realize in the morning that the links were deleted a long time ago..... so i have included a software called llink checker here.......

you can check if the links you are about to add to your downloader are alive by just copying it to clipboard.


Password:SyncMaster 740n
Thanks to this program i can now easily download my programming videos without having to sit infront of the computer all the time.......Works and is great.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas !!


filth is me
not working. after downloading a certain file, i got the ''change ip or wait for 81 minutes" error.
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