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Hi Guys..I was planning to pump in some more RAM in my laptop.It already has 1 GB RAM.
Now is there any remote possibility of compatibility issues between the two stics as they are likely to be of different company...
I have Sony Vaio X3100 & in the product spec it reads like "Sony does not guarantee compatibility with memories of other brands" :mad:
Also which wud perform better 1x1GB & 1x2GB=3GB config or 2x1GB=2GB or 2x2GB=4GB
wt do u suggest...


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U havent mentioned how many mem slots r there

Assuming there r only two....

It depends on ur OS & ur requirement....
if u r a gamer & use heavy resource softwares....

For winXP (32bit) it will take only 3GB Ram not more than dat even if u install
4GB Ram

Vista requires 4GB Ram as Recommended....

so, 4GB : 2*2 GB sticks (for WinXP(64bit),Vista & heavy gaming)
3GB : 1*2 GB + 1GB sticks (if using winXP 32bit )


@nehal: X3100? I thought X3100 was Intel's GMA and not a model from Sony Vaio. Are you sure the model is Vaio X3100?

Anyways 4GB RAM will be useful only for 64 bit OS. For 32-bit OS opt for 2 GB RAM (or 3 GB at max).

Also if you want to add another RAM module alongwith the existing one then opt for Transcend RAM modules as they are OEM supplier to Sony (and many more laptop manufacturers). I too added Transcend RAM to my Vaio and the system is working perfectly.

The warning in Sony Vaio product spec is just to be on a safer side. This generally forces consumers to approach Sony for additional RAM where Sony gets chance to make more mullah by selling the RAM for twice the price..
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You can have RAM of different company / brand. Care about type and frequency of RAM stick. Both and old should be same.

Also 2x2GB=4GB will give best performance.
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