RAGE not loading!


Broken In
I have recently installed RAGE on my pc and when i click "new game" it shows the intro video and then a black screen appears and then the game returns to first
menu saying "PRESS ENTER"...:-?It just doesnt load the game after the intro no matter how many times i tried!
Can anyone help me solve this probelm?I cant find the reason.:|.
My pc specs:
GPU:gt 9500gt(latest drivers installed)
CPU:core 2 duo e7400
RAM:2gb ddr2
When dont blame the error on my pc specs as my pc has handled every other game till now fine (except crysis 3 due to dx11 requirement)...and i know
some software is to blame.
Please help me fix this error.:cry:
I know this forum is the best for asking this question..
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