1. E

    Grand Theft Auto V Direct X error

    I am having a problem while launching GTA 5 on my pc. every time I try to open it i get an error about sme direct 10 or 11 adapter or runtime not found. Im using windows 8.1 64 bit Ram:4Gb video card : Nvidia geForce 240GTS (mem:2GB) CPU : Intel i3 clolcked at 2.8Ghz...
  2. sandyss

    RAGE not loading!

    I have recently installed RAGE on my pc and when i click "new game" it shows the intro video and then a black screen appears and then the game returns to first menu saying "PRESS ENTER"...:-?It just doesnt load the game after the intro no matter how many times i tried! Can anyone help me...
  3. sygeek


    Post your rage comics here. What are rage comics? Why create rage comics when you can describe your incident detailed with text? Here are some examples: How do I create one? Rules: You can create your own rage comics either online with rage makers or custom created with a paint tool. Be...
  4. prasath_digit

    id Tech 5 vs CryEngine 2 ( RAGE Screenshots )

    Which one is the superior game engine for the PC? Do u think id Software will be able to take back their position as a top technical leader in the PC Game Arena with RAGE & id Tech 5? Below are some comparison pics of OpenGL 2.1, Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10............ Looks like OpenGL 2.1 Blows...
  5. S

    some details about ATI 3D Rage Pro 2X

    Hi I have ATI 3D Rage Pro 2X AGP card (with tv tuner card) and I want to sell it to my friend. What is the good rate i can get for that card ? and also can you please tell me what is the memory capacity of that card ? thanks
  6. F

    Which Is The Gaming Magzine Do Yo Read

    Skoar game force rage
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