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Project Help !

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hi everyone,
I'll b developing a software project during my 3-4 weeks' industrial training session.The idea of the project is :

Asking the users to store/add addresses of various files present in various locations in a system(systems in case of a LAN) ..these addresses will be stored in a centrally accessible database/location .
The users,on clicking on these links,will be directed to the original location of the file(or run the file if it is executable).
The purpose of the project is to make all the files accessible thru a central location(reachable by all) so that the original locations need not b remebered by the users.Just goin to the central place and clicking the associated link will do.

Kindly advice the technologies/platform to be applied for making the project implementable easily n in a short duration alongwith the general approach to
start over with the same.
Positive replies expected !!

thanks in advance !


In the zone
Assuming the system is going to be web based,

Use VBscript to get the list of files and make them into a delimited text file.

Import the same in MySQL database.
Display it using PHP.


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If your systems are Windows Based (The Server Especially) then you could use ASP-MDB coz its already bundled with it.

If your systems are Linux/Unix based (The Server Especially) then you could use PHP-MYSQL, PY-MYSQL, PL-MYSQL, PHP-PGSQL, more......... i don't know.


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