1. P

    pc hardware in mumbai

    titles speaks for itself. id prefer places in and around central mumbai
  2. theserpent

    Commedy Central Banned for 10 days

    Comedy Central ban: The funniest tweets about the 10-day sanction The goverment Has LOST IT Actually you know whats the problem here?Its the old mentality of people, they get offesensed with almost anything s*x related and complain.
  3. A

    Dell Webcam Central 2.01.17

    hii can some one here upload the Dell Webcam Central 2.01.17 or newer from their RESOURCE MEDIA ? its urgent, someone who have purchased dell inspiron resently can do that. please !
  4. N

    What about Kinect: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 ?

    I saw the techguru episode about this wonderful game Dance Central 2. Its a sequel of the popular Dance Central.. Just wanted to know that: has anyone got their hands on this game ? Please give your experience and tell me whether its worth a try or not...?
  5. Pat

    Zimbabwe inflation soars to 2.2million%

    Zimbabwe's official rate of annual inflation has hit 2.2m%, the country's central bank said today – a 13-fold increase on the last official rate, in February. "Statistics provided by the CSO [Zimbabwe's central statistical office] indicate that [inflation] is now at 2.2m%," the AFP news agency...
  6. R

    The Intel® Chopper, A Beast Machine

    Intel and Orange County Choppers* (OCC) Teamed up and creted one of the meanest bikes ever built. The Intel Chopper More Info and Pictures After The Jump. This Chopper has a four cylinder dual V-twin motors compined with Intel® quad-core processors enable a new level of performance. Four...
  7. coolboy_n

    Project Help !

    hi everyone, I'll b developing a software project during my 3-4 weeks' industrial training session.The idea of the project is : Asking the users to store/add addresses of various files present in various locations in a system(systems in case of a LAN) ..these addresses will be stored in a...
  8. H

    Lan prob

    Lan is in differentt buildings, all the individual buildings r connected to a central lan, but they r not interconnected, that is the central lan can access other pcs but two buildings cannot access each other. so how to share files or anything across two buildings?
  9. goobimama

    Some privacy issues

    Here's the deal: My friend has gotten internet in his room (in the university) which connects through a central server. The Central server is managed by senior students and such. Now, CAN the guys at the server monitor what all he or she surfs? I mean, see which sites are opened and such? If...
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