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Product demonstration Building(in Flash)


Amatur Modder

I want to create a multimedia cd for displaying my products to my prospective clients. I am looking for some software which would get my work done.

I would appreciate if digit mods would suggest which software they use for their cds and dvds.

And friends, any software suggestions, just post. I will do the checking!

Thanks in advance.....
the Digit Team made the interface on flash, pure coding and no other presentation software.

if u know flash get a free template that suits ur needs from the net

"windows movie maker" make do u some good. all u need is some fancy wallpapers and some stylish fonts to get started.

use picassa for collage making (used some for nice little effects 4 myself)


Amatur Modder

Well, I am no programmer, so can't do that.

You may suggest any app that allows you to build presentations, easily?
Powerpoint will be too basic for the purpose.

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