Processor failing to stay at stock clock speed.

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Hello friends.My Pc, Which I brought around 7 months ago, which has a E8400 with a stock speed of 3.0ghz (Mind you, It hasn't been overclocked.Not even ever removed,not even touched,nothing.) was suddenly starting to feel a bit slow.

After few minutes I launched up CPU-Z only to find that it was running at 2.0 GHZ. I was like WTF,and the voltage was varying a bit(sometimes its 3.0ghz sometimes 2.0ghz .When its 3.0ghz the voltage is 1.112V and,and as the voltage changes,so does the clock speed.)I have no idea whether its the processor or CPU-Z.I think CPU-Z is showing it right because I'm feeling it's a bit slow too :(

Here is the image.


I'm feeling really sad coz it might be because of me.My computer has been running since around 10 days with no rest.What could be the problem?.Is it my PSU or something?.Help would be greatly appreciated


May be some problem with the Power supply check out the Bios , which motherboard are u using ???

Try to take processor out replace it with new thermal paste (it doesn;'t matter for thermal paste but when u replace the heat sink use new thermal paste ) first check out the bios .

Motherboard & bios version please ???


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Wats ur config????

I thnk sumthng wrong wid ur PSU....

R u sure tat ur Wattage of ur PSU is approproate fr ur config???

Pls post ur whole config......

Count Dracula

My Motherboard is Abit IP35-E.My PSU is 600W.It suffices I think (forum people and the shop guy said so)

EDIT: LOL IT WAS INTEL SPEEDSTEP INDEED XD ME = FAIL.Sorry for bothering you guys for such small issues :(.You all helped greatly especially Gautham :D.Thanks <3.
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