1. sahil1033

    USB Dongle not showing up in My Computer

    I bought a Micromax MMX 300C modem and installed it, everything was fine. I uninstalled it using 'Revo Uninstaller' and since then it's not showing up in 'My Computer' and I'm feeling very annoyed because it's showing in 'Device Manager' stating "This device is working properly". Help ASAP.
  2. S

    Soundmagic ES 18 from Pepperfry.Com

    Longtime user of ES18 and I recently ordered two black and green sets from Pepperfry as the price was good. But the wires on the sets that arrived are significantly cheaper feeling than my old earphones. And the green is also way brighter. Is this a change from Soundmagic or have I recieved...
  3. Sam22

    Feeling Headache after watching 3D movie in Sony HX850

    Hello all, I was watching avatar in 3D this eve and thought to enjoy the christmas holiday enjoying the first 3D movie on my HX850 but that all became up to be complete mess for me. Hardly just after 20-25 minutes, the movie started i start feeling the Headache and I was unable to watch after...
  4. S

    Not even a month... my Galaxy R is stolen

    I was on the bus this morning.. it was extra crowded. I reach in my jacket pocket (yes... my inside jacket pocket I just opened my jacket since it was a bit stuffy)... and I begin feeling around, then that sickening feeling starts creeping up. Yep. it's gone. I look around on the bus floor...
  5. paper_heart_21

    [fun] lol limewire

    Hey guyz Go ahead type "lol limewire" in Google and hit "I am feeling lucky" :-D
  6. C

    Processor failing to stay at stock clock speed.

    Hello friends.My Pc, Which I brought around 7 months ago, which has a E8400 with a stock speed of 3.0ghz (Mind you, It hasn't been overclocked.Not even ever removed,not even touched,nothing.) was suddenly starting to feel a bit slow. After few minutes I launched up CPU-Z only to find that it...
  7. G


    hello friends, i know that there should be a friend that will help me! i have a core 2 duo E4500 al 2.2 ghz i have installed two windows with 1 gb installed ram. Both the winodws are vista enterprise and ultimate now i am feeling that my computer is running slow. so suggest me some tricks...
  8. A

    I R lookin phor phone under 15k XD

    i got some options htc 3400,3600 nokia n73 ,(does n73 has 3G ?) LG kf510 ,kf750 dun want sony :P i want 3pmx camera ,good music quality , 3G .EDGE .....wifi not much of a use or is it? so hurreh guys i got cash jumping in my pocket lol .im sure u all know the...
  9. rosemolr

    want to chat in our lab through lan

    hey anyone please help me wit some small v.b or dos programs to chat in our collage computer lab.we are feeling very bore in those place..thankss.in advance
  10. A

    bit comet woes

    hey , my college has blocked torrent trackers through filters also downloading of most files(ie exe,video )through idm etc has benn stopped we are feeling quite handicapped if someone cud help through any proxy or bypassing we wud be glad .... plzzz plzzz plzzz
  11. N

    Find Chuck Norris

    go to www.google.com In the search Bar Type-find chuck norris Click-i m feeling lucky See the result :))
  12. Hustlerr

    Orkut Hacked but How,When,Whom did it ????

    Orkut Hacked but How,When,Who did it ???? I just logged in my Orkut a/c through Orkut Cute and didn't notice my name. Then i scrapped smbody and saw my name was changed with my password Like my orkut name is X X and pass is Y So my name was " My Password is Y " not "X X" This happened...
  13. aryayush

    Do a Google 'I'm Feeling Lucky' search straight from the address bar in Opera

    Hello! :) This is a really simple but very useful tutorial that most of you might already know. For those that don't, here's how to do it: {The instructions in curly brackets are for the extremely few Mac users.} 1. Fire up Opera and hit 'Ctrl + F12' {'Command + ,'}, or navigate to 'Tools >>...
  14. zyberboy

    LCD Monitor is bad for eyes!!

    Brought Samsung SyncMaster 740n thinking that now my eyes can rest a bit ,but to me it is very disappointing . Feeling pain deep inside my eyes i dont know why, first i thought this is not possible i am using lcd.Then i searched the net and got a link...
  15. anandk

    Google is feeling the heat !!!

    Aware that it was fast losing ground to specialty search engines, Google has hired the services of an Israeli programmer, Ori Allon, to write smart algorithm to meet the dynamic needs of Internet users. Called ‘Orion’, the new semantic search engine tool invalidates the old game rules of...
  16. tech_cheetah

    sub woofer posing health problems :-(

    hi friends ! i have just bought intex 2600W subwoofers(with 4 satellite speakers).The quality of music is superb,but i m having some other problems... even at normal volume(ie. at which one can listen all the instruments n frequencies in the music) i start feeling pain in my chest(probably near...
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