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Problem with Viewsonic VX1932wm LCD

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my dealer said the HP 1907 is 16K! (with tax)
he is not reducing the price even a bit!!!

I have read some where that the 1907 is very good only with a digital connection.

I know, it would be decent on a VGA connection too.. but, just enquiring

Nishant, could please tell me how the monitor is performing with the VGA input?
Play some movies, HD stuff and let me know, please.. ( I would be using the monitor for mainly movies and TV shows :D )

Thank you.


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that hp is really pricey, costs as much as a 22' samsung or lg. as much as the w1907 looks good, it's just still a TN panel and for the same price, i'd go with a 22' TN panel (even the non-glossy versions). i should think having bigger screen real estate would translate to better movie viewing experience, especially for HDs. you may want to check though if your video card supports the 22' native res.

dvi matters the higher you go in lcd size. for a 19', i suspect most won't see any difference watching movies, surfing, or doing everyday office stuff. personally, i can't see any improvement using dvi on a 19'. some with very keen eyes may see it though.

another option, vinay, is just get the most affordable lcd that you can live with now. in a few years' time, i bet we'll see bigger, better monitors produced and come down in price. current TN panels, as affordable as they are now, have their handicaps--color accuracy and viewing angle being the two primary.

here are several images of a samsung 2232gw (22' glossy screen) that costs around the same as the w1907 there:




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Thanks drafter,
but i'm sure there is no Samsung 2232gw available here.. and its price would be much higher.
The dealer said that Samsung 206NW (the 206BW counterpart without a DVI port) is priced at 15.5K. So, obviously the 22" would be much higher.

I asked him, if there are any 19" samsung monitors available with DVI port.. He said there aren't (He has to get the monitors from some other guy!)

Affordable monitor that I would be getting is the ASUS vw192T!
Should I go with it?

PS: That 22" glossy screen is just awesome :)


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some user feedback on the asus vw192t--

might be worthwhile to check out the LG 194WT as well. has features not found in vw192t--dynamic contrast (2000:1) and hdcp support.

very importantly, before buying, i'd test the unit at its native resolution on both dvi and vga. do the exercise i outlined in an earlier post using the dead pixel buddy software. pick a unit with good screen uniformity, you don't want a screen that's noticeably darker or lighter in some parts. that's a problem with my vg1930wm now.

related to that is checking for backlight bleeding. on an all black background, check for too much light seeping at the edges of the screen. if there's too much light, you will have the horizontal black bars surrounding a movie brighter than you will want--very distracting.

check for dead or stuck pixels. there should be zero. test the control buttons if working properly. also don't hesitate to bring and view a familiar movie, picture, etc to eyeball overall performance and quality.

if there are dead pixels or poor screen uniformity, ask for another unit. obviously its best to try the model where your store carry several stocks of it.
just don't get forced to buy a unit. once you've bought it, a dicey warranty/replacement process may kick in. there's not much leeway as you'd want as if you were getting a new monitor from the start. you can only judge the sole unit they replace it with. absolutely no guarantees you'll get a better unit if you return the replaced unit again--some distros may even give you a refurb unit for all you know.

it's a lengthy process checking the unit, but it's best to avoid the hassle and get it right the first time.


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Hey drafter,
Doesn't the LG L194WT has RTC with it??
(in the LG site, it said to have a response time of 5ms(G2G).. going by this measurement, i'm assuming it has RTC!!!)

ignore my ignorance :)


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@vinay -- you're correct! i misread the l194wt info. it does qualify 5ms as GTG in the tech info section. in the specs section, it just says 5ms though. GTG implies the use of some overdrive. in this case, 5ms GTG--meaning, it's not really a true 5ms panel. it's odd to be using an overdriven 5ms panel for a still current product when there are true 5ms panels in production.

hmm. i haven't read any rtc ghosting errors from local users about the l194wt. they're mostly into samsungs and LGs in the local forums here. there would have been complaints on rtc ghosting if these users noticed any, like in the early versions of LG L226WTQ which had really noticeable overdrive errors.

@vivekbabbu -- yep it's a TN panel.

i was checking the l194wt specs across the web, including the tft central model/panel search. it's listed really just as 5ms. LG versions with confirmed overdrives are listed as GTG.
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Thanks drafter..
I'll go and check the LG monitor before buying.. should ask the dealer about it (because he is getting the monitor from some other person)
It is priced at 11K (with taxes) which less than what I paid for my VX 1932 :)


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yup it's cheaper than the vx1932wm disaster.

looks like LG and samsung are so much more expensive there. here the 194w costs just close to 9k converted.

good luck, man. :) check the unit as thoroughly as you can--uniformity, dead pixels, etc. leave the unit if you're not satisfied. confirm with the dealer the period within which you may just do a store replacement (not a distro warranty) for issues that didn't crop up at the store.


my present TFT is Viewsonic VA1912wb which doesnt support HDCP.my gfx card supports HDCP.so is it worth changing my monitor to a HDCP enabled one??
also plz suggest some HDCP enabled models (19 wide and above)


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@assasin: I can't tell you if it is worth changing to a monitor with HDCP or not,
but here is the list of some monitors with HDCP

Monitors with HDCP
HP w1907, w2007, w2207
Samsung 206BW


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assasin said:
my present TFT is Viewsonic VA1912wb which doesnt support HDCP.my gfx card supports HDCP.so is it worth changing my monitor to a HDCP enabled one??
also plz suggest some HDCP enabled models (19 wide and above)

Is content protected media popular now?
Does HDCP enabled mean it will have an HDMI socket?

In short, isn't it too early to upgrade? But somebody else may clarify.


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just to conclude this vx1932wm saga of mine, want to share a comparative between the vx1932wm and vg1930wm. this might be helpful to those who've not come across this thread before buying the vx1932wm and may be thinking of exchanging it with a vg1930wm.



height adjustment
buttons feel sturdier and more tactile
better lateral viewing angles
no rtc


visible uniformity issues
poor black representation; don't see enough details in darker video scenes
slight backlight bleed at the bottom
OSD rgb settings are buggy (looks like a firmware bug)
no dvi cable, no hdcp support



no noticeable uniformity issues
no noticeable bleeding
acceptable black representation
dvi cable, hdcp


horrible rtc errors (the real, single deal-breaker with this model)
a tad too bright even at low contrast/brightness
poorer lateral viewing angle (shows a yellowish tint)
flimsy, plasticky buttons

1. uniformity and bleeding issues could vary between units of the same model.
2. not sure whether dynamic contrast has something to do with black representation.
3. colors reproduction were about the same, except for the poorer blacks in vg1930wm.
4. the two models use different TN panels--vx1932wm with an Innolux, vg1930 a Chimei. overall, if not for the egregious overshoot, found the innolux better than the chimei.

to sum it all up, i couldn't say definitely the vg1930 (or at least the unit i got) was really any better than the vx1932wm. in some aspects, it was. suffice it to say, it's just a different monitor with its own set of drawbacks. i guess my best advice is just get a refund on the vx1932wm and check out the other lcd models and brands.


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Nice points there, drafter

Well, my VX 1932 woes ended yesterday night..

I bought a HP w1907 :)
Well, also tested the LG L194WT in the dealer's shop.. I found 2 stuck pixels..
and when compared with the color and the video playback, HP w1907 is way ahead than the LG model..
So, shelled out extra cash and got the looker-monitor

Brief experience with HP w1907:
The monitor when used with the factory settings is very bright...
I felt that it has an extra reddish tinge when compared to the blues and the greens.

After calibrating it and setting the gamma (value = 2.2), it is confrontable to work with for longer periods.

I don't know if it is for the glossy screen or the HP monitor itself, the black levels are very good.. back light bleed is very minimal..

yes, the movie playback is very good..
The monitor has 'QuickModes' that you could use to switch between different modes. These being, Movie, Photo, Text and Custom.
Setting the modes to the movie and photo modes make the color too bright.. and you just can't view any text at this setting.. The letters of the text has some kind of reddish and greenish shadows associated with it. (I'm guessing this has to do with higher gamma values in these modes and also the use of a VGA input!)
I just calibrated the monitor with the text mode settings even for movie watching..

Shall try calibrating my monitor more for better results..

PS: My dealer said, "U might have got a defective piece on the 1932wm! why don't you try the 1930?"
"no thanks!!" :D


Gizmo Freak !
Hey...My dealer is ready for a replacement unit.I have three choices..

2.VA1912WM + DVI Cable

3.VX922 (non widescreen)

which one I should go for ??? VX922 looks tempting but its not a widescreen..so ??????
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