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The fan of my 200W PSU of my 5 year old HCL Ezeebee system, has stopped working....

This causes the system to get hot very rapidly. & it shuts down abruptly whenever i try to burn a dvd or run any game(though works fine for normal low power system use)....

My question is that should i try and get the PSU repaired or buy a new one. Since i have made some upgradations in recent months like replaced 40 GB hdd with 400 GB one, added an addition 1GB RAM module and replaced my combo writer with a dvd writer. I don't have a discreet Graphics Card installed in the system.

I was wondering is a 200W PSU enough after doing this modification in the system?

If not please suggest a a low/mid range PSU for my system (I don't intend to do any more upgrades)... Budget around Rs. 2000

Thanks in advance...


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IMO No use getting it repaired.. buy a coolermaster extreme power 350 W since you are willing to spend 2000 bucks..

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Is that fan a ball bearing fan? If it is, you just need to remove the fan label from the centre and put little bit of lubricant oil on the metal centre. After its well oiled, put the sticker back. Best if you get a dry non static brush or air compressed can and see if there's dirt between the blades and the motor.
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