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I was trying to install Windows XP on my laptop (Aci ethos V) but then an error popped up saying "Cannot copy". I chose the option to skip this file n XP was installed successfully except 4 the fact that it had probs with graphics, sound, USB and PCI communication Device.What shoud I do now???


was it the cd u got with the laptop ?\
or do u have a pirated version of winxp
im pretty sure its the latter so try copying it no ur hdd and see if its copying all the files
if not then u need a new cd
if it can try makin another cd and installin xp
before this try a simpler one .. if u can copy from ur cd ...
copy it into ur c:\i386 folder and see if that works


What the Heck !

or maybe ur CDROM lens is dirty..try cleanin it and copy it manually to ur HDD first (as theraven has mentioned)

Anyway..u say the it installed fine but crapy displya right so

Install ur motherboard n display drivers which u may have got seperately on a CD and see if it works for the time being

BTW..i think its time to Buy a new WINXP CD.... :wink:
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