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Guys even I was planning to buy a HDD postponed it for long time. Now when I plan to buy one the prices have increased. :(
Can someone here post the price difference so that I will go and check if I'm able to get hold of an old stock.

Guys any suggestions!


In the zone
in Hyderabad.... 500GB HDD is 3200 which is just 1900 last month.. so now you can get an idea... How much difference is present...?


This is how flood is affecting the companies in Thailand:



Cyborg Agent
Purchased Revoultion 2020 from @ Rs. 82
Great experience! Faster shipping than flipkart! do give a try!


Cyborg Agent
I bought it for Rs. 82 on 02.11.11

& yeah I forgot to mention that packaging was just superb! Simple yet nice!

Btw, Flipkart also raised the price to Rs. 91!


Also purchased apps for my Kindle...

Calendar Pro @ 0.99$
Notepad @ 0.99$
Task List Professional @ 0.99$
Calculator @ 0.99$
The Periodic Table of the Elements @ 0.99$

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Guys, my stupid AX 1200 took out everything it seems. With the new RAM I keep getting BSODs.

Not gonna start a troubleshooting thread because I have a fairly certain idea about the culprit and just need to test a bit more.
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