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Yes, its almost 1.5-2k now-a-days. So its costly, but sony insists on these custom hw:x, And the battery charger they gave was a POS, it looks like a flimsy 50/- batt charger, no comment on build quality(a joke), has only one indicator, battery charge- light on, charge full- light off, no charge cause of lose contact between plug and socket- light off, how the hell am I gonna be sure if the charge is complete or the charger came lose? happened twice, I think I need a multimeter to check if the charger is dead or the battery is full.
Same charger for my DSC-H50 which is a friggin 18k camera! Bull sh1t SONY!

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
All pics and no talks as they are self explanatory. Noctua u12p se2, enzotech copper mosfets and sunbeam pci fan controller has landed- on my stable :twisted:












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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
^^ Just to give people an idea about the size of the cooler with the push-pull configuration. Even if people know the dimensions, its far more difficult than comparing a object with an object where people have a good idea about its actual size.
Yesterday's Purchase:-

1). Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 -> Rs 1800 ( + 4% VAT )
2). Seagate 1TB HDD -> Rs 3800 ( + 4% VAT )

Place : Bangalore SP Road




In the zone
Here are few stuff i bought from sp road bangalore yesterday :

1TB external HDD : 4675
EP 630 : 850
Sandisk 4GB pen drive : 450

VAT was 4%, so extra 239 on top of all above. Total damage : 6214.

But i have to add this external hdd is small,light and good looking, i was not expecting it to be like that :-D
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It should be internal looking at the price quoted. External drives don't come so cheap.
Ahh yes, i am also expecting the same cos i bought a external drive yesterday and was wondering whether i was robbed :-D
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^^ the seagate hdd is internal or external?
its internal...
Posted again:
should've gone for xbox 360 controller as it is compatible with most of the windows games.
Xbox 360 Controller was Rs 2700 + VAT....
thats 900 Rs more than Logitech..
And I think this Logitech controller can also be configured for any game...
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