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Post what you fried

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I had warned him before connecting the new pc itself. But you know, some people don't learn their lessons so easily.


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^I made a separate earthing for my PC after my first mobo with current PC was facing lot of problems. recommended.dont know how you can do it if you live in a loosely wired flat. :p


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Didn't get a chance to fry anything. But one thing I remember. When I bought my first PC (in 1999 I think), tried to install linux (I think some PC quest magazine CD - RH 6.2 or so). Heard some 'nice' sound. I was so scared, switched off and took CD drive out, when I opened it, saw nice pieces of the CD :D at least 100 pieces !!

I still keep the pieces lol.


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My fx5200, a psu, a hdd, and almost my p4 2.4ghz on a asrock 845gv prescott after i tried to attempt a 10% oc. Nothing of my friends as of yet. Rather i rescued them.

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I fried my mobo just by overclocking RAM.....dunno wat happened, usually its the RAM dat is to be fried up when OCing RAMs, nah?!!!


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When I asked (beged) my father to purchase a GB of RAM, he refused.

I got very angry and bit, smashed, crushed and punctured our PCTV (Rs. 3500 5 years back).

Got a very nice day-long lecture on behaviour and also a GB of RAM the next day.


I fried my Antec 550W SMPS, it was brand new, assembled the computer but forgot to chnage the voltage settings to 230V from 115V. Fried it wonderfully, the whole house smelled of burned plastic.

Got a Hard Disk Damaged when i dropped it from the table


Hahaha guys, all these are really funny :D

Taling about incorrect voltage made me remember this one too:
Though it may look bad, when I was working in my first jobs, I flipped the switch of smps to 115v just out of curiosity and when the system was switched on by a another guy, we had a nice firework, a room full of smoke and smelt of burnt rubber and one terrified engineer :-D:-D
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1.I accidently ripped off one of the wires on my car music player.
2.Dropped a sony ericsson K700i in a well in my grammas place(got tat one fixed)
3.Suddenly my brand new 3870x2 just stopped working and the comp refused to boot at all wen the card was connected....getting a replacement on tuesday.
4.My dog bit some wires on my creative 5.1 speakers.
5.My room Air conditioner got fried and caught fire due to a surge current
6.iball 300W smps
7.broke an ancient 512mb stick of RAM by accidently stepping on it.
8.Overheated HAir drier
9.Some #@#$$#@$%&&*@@# stole my N95 8GB :(


i fried 4 PSU's i think its cus my PC is on 24/7. but they were all replaced cus i had the amc. i had taken my pc from esys and they send mechanics who don't even ask a question on how it happened!:D

i fried my P4 3.0ghz. that was replaced too!!:D


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some old mobo about 5 years back . .SIS chipset based and with cyrix II .. i was getting a lot of blue screens in win98 while playing games like nfs3 .attempted bios update . .the comp never restarted. .


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I have burned an ASUS EN6200GT just two weeks after purchase. Apparently a MOSFET on it smoked ( it was running around 98-100 C while playing Fly For Fun MMORPG). the card idn't have a fan, only a crap heat sink. A**hole dealer refused to replace it due to "physical damage". Hell, what am I supposed to use Gfx cards for other than gaming? MS Office?

I have also partially burned the SMPS I am using right now. Its the one that came with my iBall cabby. One Molex wire ( with 2 connectors) fully burned out due to a loose contact in one of the wires. I have cut them off and tied them off with tape. Also had to somehow stick a fuse wire on top of the fuse inside the PSU that burned due to the short. It was a treat to watch. I had connected my friends HDD to the hapless connector, closed the cabby. on turning on, white smoke came from the air holes in the cabby with smell of burning plastic. :D .



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My old Intel D101GGC board got fired when i just shaked my Cabinet, after that it refused to boot, CPU Fans were working, when checked the South Bridge had got Hot.

So got it replaced three times, almost for 2 months, and again same issue. Later my dealer said some contact between motherboard and CPU is causing this, so he placed sponge sheet between the replaced board (4th replacement) and Cabinet, checked by moving the cabinet a little, now working fine. I have not used it yet after i brought the new components.
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