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plzz answer my 4 problems.....!!!!

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(1) Can we increase cross fading time of 10 sec in wmp given in the enhancements section, just as we can do it in winamp ????

(2) I have listen frm sum of my friends that we can change the format of any video songs from the command prompt section without using any softaware. If yes, then plzz tell me that how can I change my .dat format video songs to .mpeg format ????

(3) I’m not able to delete sum of the files from “widows/temp”, the name of the files are “perfilb_perfdata_130” & one folder is “_avast_4”. I have done all attempts to delete them ???? r they the virus……plzz tell me that how can I delete them ????

(4) When I get connected to internet through my laptop, it starts showing that your virtual memory is full (after open 3 or 4 websites) & it can’t open more sites. Can u plzz etll me that how can I free sum space on my computer’s virtual memory & how can I see which programmes are running on the virtual memory.

plzz reply with full details.

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
1.) Not possible.

2.) Nope! If u do it from command prompt, it'll just change the extension of the file but the format will be same. So use the available converters for it ;)

3.) Don't delete those files/folders, coz they r used by avast! anti-virus. If u really want to delete them then u can use Unlocker to delete them. But it'll be of no use, coz after a reboot u'll get them back :D

4.) Type sysdm.cpl in RUN dialog box and goto Advanced tab. Click on Settings in Performance section. Goto Advanced tab and click on Change button. Now select System Managed Size and click on Set button. :)
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