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plz guys advice me a graphic tablet

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hey guyz

once again i need yr advice

i want to purchase a graphic digital tablet.

i find while googling that wacom is the best brand in tablets but it is very costly any one plz suggest me any other brand u people r using.

plz guys help me out


WOW... are you?
well... I was about to "suggest" .... "WACOM" (but then you are saying NO)

Hmm... i think it's the price... well worth investing.

I bought one like 8 years ago... a very basic "Wacom - Graphire series"
And it still gives me good performance, The latest models are even better... and the surface area is wider and more flexible

My frens did buy some local (by that i mean... our Next door Chinese one) and the response wasn't that good.

So i say WACOM all the way (although these are also nowadays assembled in China) he he he


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thanks gsoul2soul for reply

i know wacom is the brand u can take without even thinking but my budget doe snot suggest me this.

anyone else

how abt iball 8060

plz guyz more suggestions
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