Please share Your IELTS Experience-Badly needed


Right off the assembly line
Hi folks,

I'm doing a research for my Doctorate of Education at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.It's about the problems people are experiencing when taking IELTS test.

I badly needed your help and you can only help me by sharing your experience,comments and complaints about IELTS test.

Hope everyone who will read this will have a heart to share his experience.
It would be a great help.Thank you.



Right off the assembly line
Hello friends,
I needed 7.5 bands in IELTS which I didn't get. My score was 5.5bands. My friends told me to contact Mr.Rahman who is an IELTS trainer trained certified by British Council.
His methods of teaching are so Innovative and effective that even students from telugu/urdu medium can understand IELTS easily. The best part is, "I got 7.5 bands which helped me very much. If you want to contact Mr.Shaik.R.Rahman, call him on 9700-300-966.

love u all,


I teach English online and help students prepare for the IELTS exam. Some of the problems faced by the students include:
1. Inability to frame grammatically correct responses during the Speaking tasks.
2. Inability to comprehend text given in the Reading passage.
3. Wasting time in understanding difficult Vocabulary rather than looking for answers in the Reading.
4. Marking or writing the answers of the Listening Module in a hurry.
5. Making mistakes in Grammar while framing the essay in the Writing Module.

I have uploaded a few FREE IELTS Tests on You can attempt them and find what other kinds of errors students make in IELTS.

ohh ma'am i cant believe it, u in TDF too :) , ma'am if u had lower the prices i would have surely joined to ur course in wiziq i attended some 2 classes which u did for free :p
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