Please help me to save my downloads

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hi friends

i was downloading mega download it has downloaded 546 MB but due to my windows are corupted i want save it i am using DAP 7.2

i cannot reinstall my windows please help me


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where did you dowload it from ? Could you give more info ? Is your download corrupt ? Or windows corrupt ? We need more info mate.

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i dont kno exactly but u can try this

well copy the incomplete file it will have some dap related extension
then if u have some other OS or try reinstalling windows n then u can
then continue again well i`ve leech get n i`ve tried dat it works
dont know exactly bout dap
try with a backup for safety


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I presume, windows became corrupt before completing download.

Difficult situation :roll:

DAP keeps incomplete downloads in form of temp file in its temp folder.

Back up those files and put those there again after reinstallation.
Record the URL of the download. Start downloading using that URL address.
This method should work though not tested. :wink: :?:

If the download is complete, rename the files from tmp to exe and join with any good file joiner.


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well i can resume broken downloads via reget, freshdownload n acc. creates a temp file with its own extension to recognise its incomplete wont harm if u leave d incomplete file safe in its position n reinstall d whole thing....but rem. set ur download dir 2 d same file where its located.....if ur server is supporting resuming then there shudnt b any other problem....gud luk

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