1. G

    Help : Free Visual Studio Express 2010

    Can Visual Studio Express 2010 used for developing & deploying Commercial Application ? Requested to Highlight Limitation with respect to Visual Studio Professional 2010
  2. J

    PDF files

    Hi, I want to select PDF text and highlight and colour it. Whats software for this? (Preferably free one)
  3. amitabhishek

    Aamir Khan uses Google Chrome in 3 idiots!!!

    I noticed that, good to see use of OSS on big screen:razz:!!! Finally our filmwallahs using something else other than IE6. Just wanted to highlight that. BTW this is a fantastic movie (if you ignore some creative liberties)!!! A must watch!!!
  4. S

    video effects

    I have seen videos which are converted entirely in to black and white except the the individual or the kids who retain their colour to highlight them. How is this done and which is the software for it. can anyone guide me plz?
  5. A

    [C#] Highlight focus of control

    As the title says, I want to highlight the controls with a blurred rectangle who contains focus. It will be very similar to Mac OS-X Style focus. Please see the attachment. I want similar focus rectangle on every control in winforms. Please reply ASAP. Thanks, Amey.
  6. C

    Need help in choosing a career

    Whenever anyone questions me what career are you gonna opt for, I always reply "haven't thought of it yet" Since this special educational thread has been created for those in need,I need your help guy,s to help me select a career. It would be of great help if you guys highlight pro's and...
  7. victor_rambo

    New wordpress theme. Plz give your feedback!

    This is one of the themes I am developing for my personal(may be later released under GPL) websites. Can you tell me what you feel about these? Highlight: See the dropdown menus. Hover over the 'MHT-CET' and 'Additional resources' :p...
  8. raksrules

    What does Progressive Scan mean ?

    Most DVD Players come with something called as Progressive Scan. But i have no clue what it is. Can anyone please highlight the same ?
  9. K

    How to Make excel highlight a date as it arrives

    Hi, Im trying to get excel to highlight a date 1 day before it arrives, i have dates in a column ( Eg : Column I, from row 2 ), am preparing a follow up sheet in excel where i have to keep track of the customers to visit on coming days, thats the purpose of this formula, i will be greatful...
  10. gsoul2soul

    PC is FAST... why?

    Yes.. that's the question ? Sometimes my PC just acts so weird... i mean it is way to fast as in "sensitive to my mouse clicks and all" Like say is click on IE icon... and 2 or 3 opens (as if i clicked it more than twice) windows closed and minimized... while I'm clicking around... is...
  11. BBThumbHealer

    Changing The Order...

    i have dual booted Vista Ultimate wid XP.....now wen the vista boot loader loads at booting up of system asking which operating sys to boot into..the default choice highlighted is Vista...but i want to highlight it to XP... how can that be done ? Thnx BlackBerry7100g...
  12. LegendKiller

    Cool New Plans from Mtnl Triband

    I just checked out mtnl's website and they have launched a few really good offers.. I am forwarding you the links,coz copying it here was getting messy.. Link:Triband-Tariff The highlight of the package is DSL 590 plan which has speed of 512 Kbps with 1 GB limit,but unlike DSL NU plan it...
  13. S

    querry karoake in winamp 5.05???

    i wanna know how to play lyrics containing file in winamp.i tried using this software namesEviLyrics that runs in parallel with player and downloads all the lyrics but does not highlight the words being played. any music fanatic here plz help??
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