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Torchlight II four pack for $15 on Gamersgate - a great game if you like ARPGs. So if you can find 2 or 3 other people who want to buy this game, you can get very cheap.

Note - You get a Steam code.


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Bioshock Infinite pricing is messed up for us - it shows as $15 after 75% discount whereas it is $10 in US and most other countries. A mistake obviously.

Sorely tempted by Dishonoured, but honestly, I already have too many games left to play:

-Just finished AC 4:BF
-Rome 2 Total War
-Bioshock Infinite
-Tomb Raider
-Max Payne 3
-Skyrim (not completed yet)

And once my controller comes:
-Dark Souls
-Batman series

But I will get a few top indie games. They are short but sweet :)


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One of the best games which u will regret not playing yet

Well i thought it sucked but everyone has their opinions.I hate stealth games in general.Btw how is Prince of Persia(2008) and POP The forgotten Sands.Both availble on Flipkart for 254rs each .


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What all did u get?

CS Global Offensive
Hard Reset
FarCry 3

I am thinking about buying Bioshock Complete Pack but I wanted discount on Season Pass DLC too and its not there so I'll buy game later when complete package arrives and at nice discount. :p

Dishonored GOTY Edition is also Damn good, would have bought it if it were at 75% discount. What can I say I am a greedy person, don't have too much money so want more discount. Hell I joined to teach tuition just to get 1K more to spend in Winter Sales. :D


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Never played a Train Simulator before and this game got bad reviews also on Metacritic so didn't bought it.
Is it really worth the money ??
If you want to buy first yourself download a pirated version and try it. If you love the game then buy it. This is because it is not an actual simulator it's an hybrid.I love this game so I bought
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