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PC Game Deals


Wise Old Owl
First time ever that they will give away Wither 2 for free and I still don't regret buying it at both GOG and Steam separately. :)
CDPR deserve it dude. Even I bought both the games after I had already played them for 4 times plus each. And preordered Wild Hunt. Will also buy witcher adventure game. They have my full support


Wise Old Owl
Scroll down to the end of got.com and you have collect 7 tokens for 7 days to get free witcher 2

thanks mate . I am a big fan of CDproject , have already ordered Steam as well as Retail version . Still confused which one to cancel . I am currently reading Witcher 2 novel - The last wish . Witcher 2 is probably the best RPG game i have played after skyrim .


Geek v1.0
Reminder set.

Anyways I have a spare metro 2033 humble bundle link left ? I already have one from NVIDIA giveaway :) . Anyone wants it ?


Wise Old Owl
The other three won't be added to your steam account. But you will find them on your humble bundle store account. Just login to humble bundle and under you library you should have the other three copies. Note that humble bundle will give you URL links to those games. So share the URL with whom you want to gift those insurgency licences to...

well i want one copy if anyone is giving away............
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