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paypal dispute ??

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hello ppl, i have just a question. i want to know the procedure of raising a dispute in paypal. and how do i prove my side of the dispute. also, is there any time frame within which i need to file this dispute so that my money can be returned back to me ?

help me guys, i lent one A** ***E some money on friday. and he said he would return it today. but when i ask him about it now, he does not even care to reply. how much of a chance do i have of getting back my money if i raise this dispute ?

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I don't really think paypal can help you here. What mode did you choose while paying ? Service / Goods ?

If I'm not wrong, Paypal does not consider online intangible goods in disputes :|


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use the resolution center by clicking on the details link of the transaction you made and click on resolution center link


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Chances are less, you will get money back in case of intangible things. Paypal will ask the proof of fraud.

There is 60 day times to file the dispute and within 20 days after dispute you can file claim.

There is no harm in filing dispute, may be you get response there from other party.
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