1. JGuru

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java To write better software you need to engineer the software components, use the Core Java API well to write a better software. Here are some sample softwares like editor, imageviewer, download manager, calculator, zip archiver...
  2. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming Part III

    Expert Java Programming Part III In this tutorial we will look at writing Java Programs at the expert level!! I got some exciting Java programs to get your Java adrenaline pumped up!! Let's get started!! 1) Write a simple program to show a Collage Demo in Java ? /** *...
  3. warfreak


    Surprised there is no announcement tread yet. I thought this forum was full of Quake fans. :thinking_NF: Anyhoo.. Quake Champions!! :D With the new Unreal Tournament and this, hope we see a return of the great rivalry of Arena FPS. E3 2016: Quake Champions Is PC-Only for Launch, But Console...
  4. krishnandu.sarkar

    Need Help Understanding Flight Booking System

    Well, I never traveled via Flight and I'm having a hard time understanding few procedures. To start with, the simplest thing, booking a flight. When I'm searching on *, I'm being offered two columns of fare - Regular Fare and Return Fare. But the catch is the site is...
  5. A

    Are SoundMagic E10S a good upgrade to the ES18?

    Got them today, but most of the threads seem to suggest they're not much of an improvement over ES18, so should I return them or keep them, and if I do return which IEM should I get for around Rs. 2500?
  6. Zangetsu

    Indians sue UK Queen for return of 'stolen' £100m Kohinoor diamond

    Indians sue UK Queen for return of 'stolen' £100m Kohinoor diamond • The Kohinoor was once the largest cut diamond in the world. • The Kohinoor means "mountain of light". • The 105-carat stone was presented to Queen Victoria during the British Raj. Source: Indians sue UK Queen for...
  7. S

    Negative Experience Flipkart Return Fraud

    I have ordered a Lenovo A2010 Phone form Flipkart. Order number for the same is OD304020480141167000. Phone got issue it get discharged in 15 minutes flat. I have raised a return request on 17th Oct. I was told return will be processed in 2 days. Then today (19th Oct) I got email the issue is...
  8. Cyberghost

    Negative Experience Amazon India Fake Return Policy!!!

    I ordered a Targus laptop backpack from Amazon India on September 27th 2015 and I received my item on Sep 29th. I found out that this Backpack is too small to carry my laptop, so I decided to return the product to Amazon. I initiated a return process on Amazon so they could collect my item on...
  9. topgear

    Is this genuine ??

    Recently Purchased DDr3 4GB ram module from The box pack of the ram is totally different from what I've purchased on Feb 2015. Please have a look and tell me if it's genuine ? or else I'll return it.
  10. angie

    Negative Experience Buying from Snapdeal? Don't trust the reviews.

    I bought a levis jeans from order id: 3744701931 Date: 28th , November 2014 Due to various reasons I was not able to open it before the 7 day return period (I wasn't aware of this, I mostly shopped from myntra before so was habitual with 30 day returns). When I opened it later...
  11. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming - Part 2

    Part II of Expert Java JButton A JButton can show an Image or text or both. Here we display an Image. An array of buttons is shown displaying the images. The method loadImages() loads the images in the 'Images' directory. The method darken and brighten , darken & brighten the Image. We...
  12. JGuru

    Object-Oriented Programming in Java

    Object-Oriented Programming in Java Problems with Procedural Langauages OOPS was invented because procedural languages such as C, Pascal, BASIC were found to be inadequate for large and complex programs. One difficulty with this kind of function-based organisation was it focussed on functions...
  13. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming

    Expert Java Programming Learn how to program using the Java language at the next level - expert level. This guide contains plenty of code that showcases how to use Java at the higher level. The following demo shows how to implement a custom button with a custom color. The button pulsates...
  14. Cyberghost

    BBC Confirms Sherlock Season 4

    The BBC has confirmed what we all knew was happening anyway: Sherlock will return for Season 4! Read More : BBC Confirms Sherlock Season 4
  15. S

    Negative Experience Snapdeal : facepalm : TP-LINK TL-WN723N : 1st buy

    Snapdeal : facepalm : TP-LINK TL-WN723N : 1st buy: Snapdeal is fake / fraud/ CHEAT Brought TP link "TP-LINK TL-WN723N 150Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter " from snappy @ 575 bucks 1st buy from snap deal ... FACE PALM !! (Flipkart -Oot Of Stock) i placed order on 20th and received on 25th...
  16. C

    RMA or Return Hard Disk?

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB Hard Disk from Flipkart but it was DOA. Flipkart can't give me replacement because it is out of stock. Now WD Blue 1 tB is going for 4.7k on Flipkart from other sellers. The drive is out of stock everywhere in my city. Should I send the drive for RMA or return it and get...
  17. S

    java applet to php server communication

    Hello everyone I have an japplet. I want to do the following with this applet Whenever a user click on a button i want to pass a variable to a php server. the server will check this value with the stored value in database if true return true if false return false. Now based on this return...
  18. M

    [Praise] Homeshop18 Refund without Product Return

    Hi, This happened to a colleague who had shopped at Homeshop18 for a pressure cooker. The first order was placed around the mid of December 2012. It was shipped within 2~3 days, and turned out to be defective. Most of the handle pieces were broken or chipped and the main cooker body had...
  19. N

    What have we done for these DIY Sites in return for their Service?

    I have a question. We all know that we all have benefited by these forums. What ever doubt we have, we just put it here, get responses in hours at the maximum in a week. But, i feel many of us just get the information from others, but never done anything in return to their services...
  20. SunnyGamingHD2

    Demonoid Domains Go Up For Sale

    While it’s undoubtedly been a turbulent couple of weeks for Demonoid, its loyal users still had hope that one day the site might return. However, today the chances of that happening appear to have been cut from an optimistic 50/50 to much, much less. All key Demonoid domains are now up for sale...
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