Official Digit CTC IV discussion thread - Last leg starts 6th Oct 2012

Should we delay the final leg by two weeks?

  • No I can't wait that long...

    Votes: 44 32.4%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 9 6.6%
  • Yes, because I have exams

    Votes: 42 30.9%
  • Yes, because I want the last leg to be really long and hard

    Votes: 23 16.9%
  • Yes, only if you give 2 more checkpoints in between

    Votes: 18 13.2%

  • Total voters
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Got my Favourite Tech Mag today from local mag store. Thank you Digit for such wonderful knowledge u share with us :-D


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i know the answer to the first warm up question but any combinations is giving me whoops.html
I tried my entering
Crack the Code
Digit answer.html
Crack the Code
Digit Answer.html
Crack the Code
Crack the Code

Have they stopped taking the answer for the first one? I got my issue just now


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hey...i need help with this "Add previous 4 numbers..."
Anybody got a clue...what numbers? tried numbers from previous luck :(


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checked all 4 letterd audio brand names.. stil got nothing..

Get a comprehensive list from wikipedia. Then look for the most prominent ones!
No need to try "all" the brands! :|

And look at the last staticsid's post!


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entered the audio company's name - still not able to get through!

EDIT: never it.
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I think I have helped everyone who PMed me.. if I am missin on someone.. re PM me.. i would happily help other CTC players.. :)
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mohityadavx, bro see your pm inbox.. :)

SOMEONE Please HELP me with the last one !!!........................... I mean the Element one !!!! I know the element but it does not come !! i have tried its scientific names and everything else but no USE
SOMe one help Meeeeeeeeeee!!!!


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HEy guys Im playing CTC first time, now after 2 days i got first check point, waiting for tomorrow to get next clue, tell me, to play further do i need to get Digit mag to get clues bcos @ our newspaper sand it wont get until 10th sept


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me too helped a few guys :) well ...happy to see many got to the first checkpoint :D see you all in the race for the 2nd checkpoint .. this time maybe you'll need the mag too ;D
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