Official Digit CTC IV discussion thread - Last leg starts 6th Oct 2012

Should we delay the final leg by two weeks?

  • No I can't wait that long...

    Votes: 44 32.4%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 9 6.6%
  • Yes, because I have exams

    Votes: 42 30.9%
  • Yes, because I want the last leg to be really long and hard

    Votes: 23 16.9%
  • Yes, only if you give 2 more checkpoints in between

    Votes: 18 13.2%

  • Total voters
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@sygeek help with the java script one pleese...

sm1 please help with java script one .........................

help with tha jscript one HELP HELP:shock:

help with tha jscript one HELP HELP:shock:

u knw ans fr jscrpit ??

help man jcript
put the code in your browser's address bar, press enter and see ther code again.

Use your brain now, no one is going to be spoonfeeding you.


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hundred degree day... nybody shorten tht video.... 5 to 10 mins timespan... plzzz

I cant catch hundred degree day in tht video
can u tell me timestaps or hint... plzzz


hundred degree day... nybody shorten tht video.... 5 to 10 mins timespan... plzzz

I cant catch hundred degree day in tht video
can u tell me timestaps or hint... plzzz
you were quite close, watch for at least 15 mins.


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finally solved javascript aka devworks question thanks guys!! anyone plz tell me the big hint to mars one plz thank you :)
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Finally Reached the Checkpoint!

Just managed to reach the first checkpoint and its a huge relief. Cannot wait for 7th September for the next set of clues to appear.

If anyone has any problem with any of the clues in any step, feel free to send me a PM or an E-Mail. I would be glad to help you out.


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Name all successful Mars rovers till date? Combine their respective first letters, rearrange their order, and replace one letter with any other letter to come up with a popular audio brand name. That's your next page.
Any clue or hint is really helpful guys thank you :)

dont paste whole clues here :)
well the hint .. check wikipedia


Since many people are asking for hints again and again, I have congregated all the hints until checkpoint 1 for easy viewing. Make sure to only use it when you're really clueless, otherwise you're just eliminating the fun and challenge from the contest.

  1. Use google reverse image search. A famous movie was based on his life recently.
  2. Again, use google reverse image search.
  3. Big hint: The singer is Bryan Adams and the actor is Jim Carrey. [1]
  4. Open up your smartphone and you'll find something inside which it runs on. What is it made of?
  5. Wikipedia the (full) previous answer and look at the top if you are confused.
  6. 77 (base 10) = 2212 (base 3), so similarly..
  7. Don't forgot to put your answer in the blank again and count accordingly.
  8. Find the devworkx website URL. If the ctc was a page inside this website, what would its link be? (again as the clue says, don't forget the .html)
  9. Click the link, easy peesy
  10. Use your browser's address bar and check the link again!
  11. Cross check from a site which sell audio products. The most relevant one is your answer.
  12. Quoting staticsid, "You need to find an hour long YouTube (full version!!!) video.".
  13. Steve jobs died on october. Google up a list of famous people who died on that date (associated with technology).
  14. The words are pronounced same, even if you read it backwards. There is a term for this phenomenon.

If you need further help, post here, don't PM me, I will not give you the answer. I'll also add link to posts where people ask for further help according to each clue, beside the clue itself.

If digit finds it to be a dead giveaway for the contest, you guys can delete it.

TMI for the 1st, 2nd, and 14th questions!!


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@ All -

Last time around we had a lot of fun.... and though we all got desperate at some point of time or other, people generally had the discretion not to post entire clues or flood posts for clue requests. These small things make the game more competitive and enjoyable. I hope we can abide by them now too. :-D
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