nVIDIA Control Panel problem

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Hey people
Look at his pic and see whats wrong-


AS u can see, there are some graphical glitches (notice the green lines below Performance and Quality)

BTW, this PC is running on 630i chipset on its 7100 based IGP.

I sense this could be because i downloaded the latest patch.
Or maybe my PC is f*ked up like ALWAYS

Any solutions?


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Did this suddenly happened after u d/loaded adn installed the latest firmware for nVIDIA ?? coz this seems to be a s/ware glitch rather than a h/ware one, coz a h/ware glitch will affect the entire monitor screen rather than specific areas.. :)

Wich firmware are u on ??? i myself am on 176.14... its not always recommended to jus keep upgrading ur firmware for no reason at all, there are firmware issues on certain games as well..

did u try to mrevert back to a old firmware ?? plz try (but 1st uninstall this firmware completely from control panel>add remove progs) and then make a clean install..) :)

Cheers n e-peace...
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