1. CA50

    GPU Query

    Hi fnds i have got a MSI-7399 mobo with nForce 630i chipsets with GeForce 7100 onboard graphic card and 1GB DDR2 Ram, out of which i share 120mb. The maximum abount of RAM i can share is 256mb (from BIOS). Now the problem is that when i check my pc config using 3rd party softwares (like PC...
  2. soyab0007

    Onboard Graphics

    For onboard graphics which is better intel 965 chipset or nvidia 630i 7100
  3. mad1231moody

    Right settings for the monitor

    Hello friends. Finallt after help from you all I have bought my new rig. The config is as follows.. E7200 proccy 2*1 GB Ram from kingston.. XFX 630i Dell 19" SE198WFP Now the problem is that from the last 2 days I am still not satisfied with the LCD output. I mean I was not bothered...
  4. jeffrain123

    Selling new XFX 630i 7159

    I'm selling my XFX 630i 7159 Barebone Kit motherboard. Item is new & just used for a couple of days. Expected price-Rs.3800 Shipping free. Interested people please PM me.
  5. B

    IS nvidia 630i MOBO ANY GOOD?

    So whats about nvidia 630i mobo Does it stand in performance/quality or over price how many Procy is compatible for it? Help going for an upgrade bye bilal:)
  6. jeffrain123

    XFX 630i 7150 Barebone Kit

    What is the difference between the XFX 630i 7150 Barebone Kit & the normal XFX 630i 7150? The barebone has a black PCB instead of a green one, has no external SPDIF port and no external sata port & no internal diagnostic lcd. wat should I do? I bought the board last week. Also only one SATA...
  7. jeffrain123

    9800GTX on 630i

    Will 9800GTX run on Nvidia's 630i mobo? as Im gonna buy that mobo. Any suggestions on a better performing mobo in that price range? Should also have integrated graphics b'coz I'll only get the card next month.
  8. mikael_schiffer

    nVIDIA Control Panel problem

    Hey people Look at his pic and see whats wrong- AS u can see, there are some graphical glitches (notice the green lines below Performance and Quality) BTW, this PC is running on 630i chipset on its 7100 based IGP. I sense this could be because i downloaded the latest patch. Or...
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